Who Is David?

David is an Australian born man in his early forties who was born and raised in Sydney. He adores, treasurers and thoroughly enjoys pushing the envelope in whichever direction it shall go. As a young man, David took to listening to far too many David Bowie albums for his own good, wearing make-up, wearing odd clothes, colouring his hair and cutting his very own D.I.Y mohawks. I guess you could have called him a goth? Oh, he was a DJ and nightclub entrepreneur as well before he woke up to himself and realised he was too old for it.

He finally began travelling more, getting “proper” jobs and focussing more on his hobbies. One said hobby is writing and that’s why you are here now!

As at 2018, David resides on the Gold Coast dreams of Liverpool FC one day being crowned champions of Engerlund!