Why I Write….

I decided to begin writing this blog in January 2013 because my then girlfriend, who dumped me because of my love for David Bowie & football told me my passions in life seemed more important than my love for her. Maybe she had a point?

I have many passions aside from Bowie and football of course. I’m an avid reader, film buff, travel adventurer, marathon runner (when it suits my time constraints), rugby league referee and all round curiosity seeker. You see, so many people seem far too comfortable to just let life pass them by without thinking too much as to why they are here. I on the other hand, love to explore, learn and constantly evolve. This is why I write. It’s an outlet to share my passions via an open diary. It’s also a fantastic outlet for the mind to be unleashed.

Unlike George Orwell or Oscar Wilde (my two most treasured writers), I have no in depth analysis of why I write expect for the simple fact that I love writing. I’ll probably never pen a companion to “War & Peace” (well, perhaps I am not yet old enough or as well versed in being a grumpy man as I should be) however, I do enjoy sharing my thoughts so enjoy them.

One thought on “Why I Write….

  1. I enjoy reading your Bowie concert tape reviews and I’ve thought myself many times over the years that,thank the stars,someone had the gall,ingenuity and not least the equipment,to preserve these shows on tape.Thanks a lot.

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