Liverpool’s Glorious Revival Begins In 1959 & You Can Read All About It Here!

A few years ago now, 2013 if I remember correctly, I stopped off in one of the supporters shops near Anfield and stumbled over a selection of books going for a song. Among the rubble, I picked up a copy of “Eddie’s Golden Years Scrapbooks”, the season by season news reports of Liverpool FC from the beginning of a golden generation. This particular edition was the 1959-60 season review in which Bill Shankly arrived at the club. The book was written by Eddie Marks and published on 1 August 1986. As I would find out, this was going to be one of the more enjoyable reads from my collection.

The book itself is a collection of nostalgic newspaper clippings from the season which allows you an in-depth “at the time” look back over the clubs 5th consecutive season in the second division where opponents ranged from Plymouth Argyle to Lincoln City over the course of a home & away season.

As the 1960’s dawned, Shankly began to build the foundations of Liverpool’s future at the head of the world football table. He arrived on December 14 1959 after parting terms with Huddersfield Town on the first day of the same month. The articles within provide a fascinating insight into how the media saw the beginning of the clubs rise to become the force in world football we know today.

I’ve wondered many times about who Eddie Marks is and why he put this magnificent publication together? I’m sure as glad he did because it truly is a work of love and an incredibly enjoyable read. If you ever manage to track down a copy, may I suggest you set aside a bank holiday weekend, sink into a dozen or so cups of tea and enjoy stepping back into a time where great things were on the cusp for a club looking towards a bright future.

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