The Easy Rider: Changi Airport to Singapore

In Australia, we are used to paying extortionate fares when we head to or from major airports. Take Sydney for example. It will set you back almost $20 for a 10 minute ride from the domestic or international terminal into the city. Brisbane is similar, as to are Melbourne. The problem is, they are all run exclusively by private companies. Travelling the world, I have visited cities who provide cheap, efficient and effective airport/city transport for a fraction of the cost. Take Singapore for example.

On Monday, my flight arrived at 4 am and my connection wasn’t moving on until 11 pm later that night. I decided to enjoy breakfast at Changi airport and kill a few hours before jumping the metro into the city for the day. It’s a simple and cost effective process. The price? Well, in Sydney or Melbourne, you would be stumping up almost $40 for a return ticket. In Brisbane? Well over $40! Yet, in Singapore, a same day return ticket will only set you back $4.80. Yep, a small price to pay to use the MRT to and from the city.

To get into Singapore, all you need to do is select the type of ticket and your destination. Pop your cash into the machine and off you go. The metro runs frequently so you won’t have too much time to wait around before you board the green line to Tanah Merah which is just two stops. From there, you can cross over to the green line connection on the other side of the platform and make your way in air conditioned comfort to the city and jump out at any stop you require. I’d suggest jumping off at Raffles place as it is smack bang in the heart of the city and a stones throw from all the tourist attractions. The journey takes around 30 minutes all up.

The MRT system is a breeze to use and all underground stops are easy enough to spot.

It might not seem much however, for budget travellers and backpackers, the money saved on inexpensive transport networks is a life saver for the daily budget. It also makes Singapore even more enticing when you know you can enjoy a nice breakfast or dinner off the back of the money you saved on your transport to and from the city. Still, Singapore has lots more to offer so why not head there and experience the delights of a leading world city for yourself?

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