The End Of Loris?

As I write, it’s been a few days since my trip to Bury only to watch the mighty red men fight out a goalless draw with the home side and, in the past 30 minutes or so, it appears we have a new goal keeper worth a fucking shed load of money (£66.8 MILLION) coming in from AS Roma. It appears, after 8 years as the owners of Liverpool, FSG have cottoned on to the fact that, to win the trophies at the top of the tree, you need the players who sit at the top of the tree.

I digress.

Sarah and I made an early start last Saturday from Grantham to Bury via Nottingham (breakfast), Manchester (shopping) and finally Bury for the match. We made it into the ground just before kick off and idiot features (that’s me) forgot to buy a match day program for my collection. It’s always good to knock off football league and non-league grounds around the UK and, on this short & sharp trip, I ticked off another two. Liverpool looked sharp and feisty but lacked a clinical finishing touch even with Sturridge and Origi on the pitch. Nabby Keita looked classy during the second half whilst Moreno and our mate Loris, both showed why we won’t win titles with either in the starting line up.

It’s a shame that I will miss Blackburn away tomorrow but them be the breaks I guess?

Nottingham was fun whilst it lasted as we grabbed breakfast and hot drinks to kick start the day with a walk around. Sarah used to have many nights out in Nottingham and built up some cracking memories of which she shared a few. Seems she was the right party girl back in the day!

On the train to Manchester, we sat near a group of woman heading out on a Hens do in Liverpool. They were drinking at 10 am! Would have loved to have seen the sheer state of them later that night. Made a right laugh they would have. Manchester was packed by the time we got there. Had a bit of trouble finding some new clothes and such but we got their in the end. It kind of cut our time short to go and check out the National Football Museum but, there is always next time. In the end, we skipped the crowded bars and pubs and made a bee line to Bury for lunch with beers before heading off to the match. The irony was, our lunch took over half an hour to appear from the kitchen which almost made us miss kick off. Oops! You see, I get a bit stressed when I miss kick off as Sarah soon found out as our casual walk to the ground turned into a brisk walk. Still, we got there. Phew!

The good news to report is that Sarah enjoyed her first Liverpool match despite it only being a friendly fixture and all that jazz. We took a very slow stroll back to the metro link in the heat after and I fell asleep a couple of times on the train back to Grantham whilst Sarah remained snoozy but capable of staying awake so we didn’t wake up in London or Norwich or wherever the hell the train was going? Norwich I think.

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Born and raised in Sydney. Well travelled. I have a deep love for live theatre, music and the arts. Ohh, I may also have a deep love for Liverpool Football Club!

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