“P” Free July Rolls On!

I’m not going to lie.  The first few days were hard.  Now?  Well, now, it’s starting to become a little easier to ignore it all.  Yep, my politics free July is just on a week old and i’m already beginning to forget about many things or, have successfully put my head well and truly into the sand.  There have been a few odds and sods I have seen and thought of sharing but hey, where is it going to get me?  Most people appear to give around about two fucks on actually researching their information and incapable of moving from their ludicrously far left and far right positions.  I love my left wing political views but I’ve grown to dislike the far left more and more with every passing day.  They have finally become equals with the far right and for many of them, there is no turning back.

More and more people are now sharing memes or posting quotes which compare present day America to that of Nazi Germany in the late 1930’s.  Hell, even attention seeking Jewish University lecturers (who should honestly know better) are trying to tell people that the current U.S administration is not one but several steps along the pathway to Nazi Germany.  Utter tosh on every level for anyone with half a brain and a decent grasp of history over the past 100 years or so.  But hey, calling the American President a modern day Hitler is fashionable for the keyboard warriors out there.  Kind of like how the “outraged” right wing call those with a left leaning people in our society, “left-tards”.  Stay classy people!


Part of making the month of July politics free was to dispose of right and left wing news pages which do nothing but spread hate towards those on the opposite side.  It’s a breath of fresh air no longer seeing Paul Joseph Watson’s drivel flooding my news-feed each day.  I used to like some of his views but now, well, now I fear his increased popularity may have seeped too far into his brain which has, in turn, led him to recite some utter vile racist propaganda that only encourages even more hatred.  Also booted have been the BBC, ABC, CNN and a host of other news sites.  Credibility in mainstream journalism has been shunted over the past decade on favor of click-bait headlines grabbing our attention for all the wrong reasons.


Over the next three weeks, i’m going to be abroad for a bit and also celebrating my 41st birthday towards the end of the month as well.  Has anyone told you how good growing older can be?   It’s a fabulous reason to switch off from the political barrage from the left and the right and enjoy myself without the lingering cloud of politics and misinformed opinions hovering over me.  On a lighter note, I thought I should have a drink every time I see a meme in my news-feed comparing Donald Trump to Hitler.  Methinks I might spend the rest of the month pretty much sloshed.

Most of my life has been spent trying to be a decent human being.  By no mean am I a saint but I have always tried to remain kind and helpful to others worse off than myself.  I regularly feed and help homeless people, have volunteered for the Red Cross and Amnesty International, helped out at food banks for the homeless, paid phone and electricity bills for friends in need and worked for over a decade in jobs that help other people, namely a stint with a refugee health services unit.  If I die tomorrow, I will die knowing I have done a few decent things in my time to help other people enjoy a better quality of life.

You know, maybe we should all go politics free on social media and be more pro-active in helping others in need instead of being constantly “outraged” over things well and truly out of our control.  Politics, for the best part, is beyond repair.  There are too many on the left and the right with their heads firmly planted deep into the trough.  They don’t give two fucks about the people.  They are incredibly happy watching the masses argue, fight and abuse each other whilst they all enjoy lining their pockets through greed.  They are completely and utterly incredulous to the world around them.  I can’t change or have an impact of what politicians do but I can have a big say in how I treat others.


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Born and raised in Sydney. Well travelled. I have a deep love for live theatre, music and the arts. Ohh, I may also have a deep love for Liverpool Football Club!

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