P Free July Starts Now!

We’ve all been getting pretty fired up in recent times over that nasty “P” word. People have been split all over the shop with differing views. Yep, I’m talking about politics. It’s divided many, ruined friendships and presented us all with a lot of misinformation as we all battle to get our point of view across with some incredibly heated gusto!

Personally, I’m neither to far to the left or the right. My preference is to look at both sides of the coin and, even the edges, before sitting in the middle to make up my own mind on situations. The greatest mistake we make with our political views is sitting one way or the other. With live in a divide and conquer society. You are either pro-vax or anti-vax. Pro-guns or anti-guns. It’s like everything has to be a football match where you pick a team and stick loyal regardless of how your views and feelings may sway. It’s a bit daft isn’t it?

A few years ago now, I volunteered for the Red Cross in Malmo, Sweden for a couple of days. My role was to hand out bottles of water, take down the details of refugees and welcome people. There were some pretty scary stories recited back to me in regards to why families had to leave Syria. Personally, I can’t even begin to imagine what the refugees went through with a daily deluge of bombs and uncertainty making their lives unbearable. On the flip side, within a few hours, I noticed the distinct lack of female volunteers. I asked my supervisor why this was so and he told me too many of the girls had been getting sexually assaulted and threatened. Some had even been followed and raped on their way home by “refugees”. It was a firm reminder that one cannot always remain a bleeding heart because for every genuine refugee seeking refuge, there are others out there looking for a free ride and incapable of respecting the local laws or the people.

I’ve spent time also working in refugee health services and heard many stories of what people have gone through just to get to what they think will be a safe and prosperous society. Again, for all the legitimate refugees, there are those who want to cause harm and enforce their religious views down our throats. I got one simply don’t understand religion. Books of sheer fiction written about God’s and prophets who don’t exist. Daft! Besides, you shouldn’t need a book of fiction and an undying belief in a God who doesn’t exist to be a good person do you now?

To open borders to Europe, America or anywhere for that matter is a huge mistake. There is a reason countries require strict border security and that’s the way, it should stay despite it being a can of worms.

The obsession people have with Donald Trump astounds me on a daily basis. Comparing Trump to Hitler and his detention centres (actually opened by Obama) to concentration camps from Nazi Germany days is a thought of stupidity. Sheer stupidity. People hate Donald Trump because it’s fashionable. The left got it wrong by going with Clinton but instead of building a better campaign with a superior candidate to move forward, the left have continued to kick and scream like children hoping that eventually, they will get their way. Grow up!

Whilst everyone is up in arms over illegal Mexican border crossings, thousands of people continue to die in Dafur, Sudan. The civil war which has left upwards of 300,000 people dead continues to go untouched by the mainstream press, the mentally deranged far right and crazy left because they are side tracked with Trump and sensationalist politics.

Australian’s are not much better. We have a conservative government making life tough for the average Joe, systematically ripping down our tax payer funded health care whilst running the economy into the ground. Oh, and the banks who have been committing serious crimes for a long time yet, despite a royal commission into banking which has exposed major systemic fraud, punishments, if any, have been feeble. And I won’t even start on the nut job red head, Pauline Hanson, who is so far to the right with her deluded views and policies that even her own party members are jumping ship on a regular basis.

To be honest, I’ve grown tired of politics. It’s a corrupt system with very few, if any politicians still interested in serving anyone or anything other than their hip pockets and retirement funds. I’ve also grown tired of the deluded far left and far right sections of our society. They are both destroying any common sense that people care to bring to the table with their hysterical views that are, more often than not, incredibly misguided.

In turn, I’m going on a P free July! No politics! And it starts today. I’m going to leave it all behind and stop giving a flying fuck about Trump, Nazi’s and mentally deranged nut jobs that pass themselves off as politicians. Besides, I’m having a blast watching the World Cup and enjoying spending more time with friends and family. P free July? Let’s do it!

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Born and raised in Sydney. Well travelled. I have a deep love for live theatre, music and the arts. Ohh, I may also have a deep love for Liverpool Football Club!

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