The Bowie Concert Tape Files: Tokyo Dome – Tokyo, Japan – May 16 1990

Tonight, it’s time to take a look at yet another Sound+Vision show.  This recording is the Westwood One Radio Show recorded for FM broadcast during the same year.  Starting off, it’s an exceptional show which doesn’t let up all the way.  The crowd are well up for it with almost 55,000 in for each of the two nights.  This recording is of the second night at the Tokyo Dome.  The shows were sandwiched in between the second leg of the North American section.  One can only gather these shows were thrown in after the bulk of the dates were locked in making this a small interruption into a break period for Bowie, the band and his tour crew.

David Bowie Sound And Vision Tour

One of the major highlights from this show is the inclusion of “Rock’n’Roll Suicide” as the final song of the night.  It’s a shame that it was later dropped from the rest of the tour.  The whole show is actually quite a lengthy one clocking up with 25 numbers.  Almost all the arrangements come over with great delight unlike other shows from the tour where they can sound a little hollow and empty.  There is also a visual recording of the show available and you can see from watching the concert on the screen that Bowie was really enjoying himself throughout.  He was full of banter, constantly smiling and loving every moment of the proceedings.  It’s a real shame this tour failed to make it to other cities in Asia along with New Zealand and Australia, particularly because those countries were always so good to Bowie.  With so many concerts during the tour performed in North America, you have to wonder if Bowie was trying his best to impress the US and Canadian audiences to gather as much as he could from their hip pockets through ticket sales and merchandise?  We do know he made some serious money on this tour and had his back catalogue re-issue program to flog.  This aside, these shows were a good recovery from the critical disaster that was the Glass Spider Tour from three years prior.


Coupled with the energy, the sound is one of the best from the entire tour.  Whoever was in charge of the recording set up for the night deserves a slap on the back because everything is captured so very well from the outset.  It’s been one of the pleasures from focusing on this tour in recent weeks.  Beautiful sounding concerts from a highly underrated tour.  I know I keep harping on it but “China Girl” again stands out as a serious highlight of the night.  There is a slight extension to the song this time which plays out so beautifully.  The band then rips straight into “Sound And Vision” to deliver one of the best performances of that song from the tour as well.   There is also a fantastic extended outro from “Young Americans” to boot!  The crowd on this night, my friends, we getting their moneys worth in every way.  I’m going to dig up some of those other audience recordings I’ve been promising for a while tomorrow and see what these hold in store.


SETLIST: Intro/Space Oddity/Changes/TVC 15/Rebel Rebel/Be My Wife/Ashes To Ashes/Starman/Fashion/Life On Mars?/Blue Jean/Let’s Dance/Stay/China Girl/Sound And Vision/Ziggy Stardust/Station To Station/Young Americans/Suffragette City/Fame/”Heroes”/Panic In Detroit/Pretty Pink Rose/Modern Love/The Jean Genie/Rock’n’Roll Suicide

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