The Bowie Treasures We Left Behind PART 3

Last week, we looked at some of the more well known Bowie collectibles from his past which have been the apple of many eyes for four decades or more now.  This week, I want to take a look at a few separate odds and sods that may not necessarily be at the top of anyone’s treasure hunting list but should still make for tasty additions to your lot.  First up, we’re going back to 1994 and the long overdue release of Bowie’s Santa Monica concert from October 20 1972.  At the time of release through the Golden Years release of the show, there were some lovely variations to keep collectors happy.  One such item was a 7″/CD fold out pack that came out via the U.S market in March 1995.  It contains a copy of the full show on CD (originally recorded for KMET on FM in 1972) plus a 7″ single which holds Ziggy Stardust on the A-Side and Waiting For The Man On The B-Side.  Without hesitation, I ordered my copy from a mail order business in mid 1995 and it’s been in my collection ever since.  The packaging is sublime and I’ve always longed for more releases from the now disbanded Golden Years label.  Following the Santa Monica set, the Golden Years crowd were going to release the original Gouster tapes in late 1995 but sadly, Bowie’s lawyers stepped in and prevented such a wonderful release.  Golden Years did get as far as releasing a sampler for the BBC sessions in 1996 as my local HMV stocked around 30 copies at the time of release however, it was soon withdrawn and became an instant collectors item fetching crazy sums of money in the years to come.

The American Griffin release of March 1995 included a limited box set (1,000 copies) that included a CD copy of the album, a t-shirt, key ring and a short video containing footage shot in Dunstable on June 21 1972 but overdubbed with Santa Monica audio.  A wooden deluxe box was also issued and was limited to just 250 copies making it a genuine rarity for collectors.  Both items are such things of beauty that I dearly wished I’d purchased back in the 90’s when prices were still reasonable.

Santa 7 inch

Of course, Bowie did eventually release both in later years with the BBC sessions coming in late 2000 and the Santa Monica show getting a somewhat butchered release in 2008.  The smart move for Bowie would have been to get the punters responsible for the Golden Years releases on board to put together future archival releases.  Sadly, he didn’t.

As a side note, copies of the NME around the time of early 1996 (from memory) were promoting advertised copies of Bowie: Live In Bermen from 1978 as a forthcoming release which also never materialised.  The wonderful show is still yet to see the light of day but would surely make a great archival release on DVD.  If only.

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