David Bowie’s April Fool

When it comes to collectibles, there is never really an end to what you can get your hands on. In my time I’ve met some pretty serious stamp collecting enthusiasts who would put most vinyl junkies to shame. Hey, it’s a serious business to some. With today being April Fools day as well as Easter Sunday, I thought I would take a look at a small selection of appropriate Bowie items you can buy which would make your bank balance look quite foolish.

First up is the 2016 clear pressing of Blackstar. In the immediate days and weeks following Bowie’s passing, copies of this little beauty we’re exchanging hands for over £800! It was surprisingly strange to see the Elvis effect come into being so soon. I knew the value of rarer Bowie collectables would rise sooner than later but seeing copies of the Blackstar clear vinyl shifting for such crazy sums left me somewhat bewildered.

Whilst prices have come down since 2017 left us, you will still be stumping up a pretty penny for an LP that is readily available all over the world.

The Rykodisc re-issues back in the day were considered groundbreaking and ahead of their time. So much so that Bowie was recognised with a Grammy in 1990 for his packaging on the SOUND+VISION box set, still a stunning item to track down in 2018 for a reasonable price. Not so groundbreaking or stunning is the price one would have to pay for the “Bowie Tech Unit”. Of course it’s not as common as other Bowie releases from the Rykodisc era but the asking price in recent times leaves a great deal to be desired. Again, at over $1,200 AU, your money is best spent elsewhere.

If you happen to pop into the David Bowie Is…. exhibition that is currently on its final stop in Brooklyn, you can pick up a beautiful orange vinyl EP which captures part of Bowie’s performance in Berlin during his 1978 world tour. Why they didn’t release this when the exhibition was in Melbourne is beyond me but hey, Bowie’s people have a masterful history of cocking things like this up.

I digress.

If you aren’t anywhere near Brooklyn, you can always jump online and pay a few hundred quid for a record that is still in healthy production and selling for $25 US. To be honest, the David Bowie Is… exhibition goodies have seen fuck up after fuck at almost every stop. If seeing his fans pay stupid money for items that just aren’t that rare from these exhibition stops was Bowie’s twisted sense of humour at work then, well, he should have shoved it up his arse! I’ve hated seeing Bowie friends coughing up extortionate prices for vinyl pressings over the past 5 years whilst this exhibition has toured the world. People have been making absurd profits off the back of desperate fans clamouring for a slice of the pie. Which leads me to my final stop on this short sojourn.

When David Bowie Is…. landed in Melbourne during the winter of 2015, it was announced his iconic 1983 single, Let’s Dance would be released in a strictly limited edition of 550 copies, pressed on yellow vinyl. The biggest floor with this release was to not have them numbered. In the weeks after its release, I knew of a number of collectors who had multiple copies of the single. It was instantly swapping hands for enormous sums and is now way out of most collectors sights due to the highly extortionate prices being asked for it. Would I surrender 2 weeks wages for a 7″ single released just 3 years ago and carrying no legitimate proof of its limited numbers? Of course I fucking wouldn’t.

The Bowie’s collectors market has turned into a constant April fools joke for a number of years now. I just hope things will begin to level out in the coming years and allow more collectors back into the market without having to take out small loans to cover their passion.

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