Be Grateful, just be grateful!

I was out on a morning run this week and noticed a few things. A reality check of sorts if you like. Now, I’m no longer as fast as I might have been a few years ago (damn that ageing process) but I still enjoy a pleasant morning trot. For some reason though, I have been noticing more on my runs.

The first thing that struck me was the amount of elderly people out having a crack. Some were easily into their early 70’s and beyond yet, here they were pounding the pavements albeit at a slow pace but with some pace none the less. Proof in the pudding that you can never be too old to embrace exercise. There was also a young man with cerebral palsy out walking. Now, if anyone had an excuse to stay in bed on this fine morning, then look no further than the young lad battling cerebral palsy. What’s your excuse again?

Back in the post Crimbo rush there were people out everywhere walking, cycling and running. It was beautiful to watch. Early starts on New Year resolutions I suspect more than anything. By early January, numbers had increased ten fold. In fact, finding space on the city pavements became a hurdle of sorts. It was great! However, as is the case every year, too many people go too hard too soon and turn the fun & excitement of exercise into a chore. Work gets in the way again so before you can say “Happy Easter”, we are well back into last years lazy habits.

Smart footwear is half the battle. I swear by my Brooks Glycerin’s. You can run for hours in these things and feel little to no stress on the body. At a hearty $240, they are worth every penny! The cheap running shoes will only increase the risk of injury and cause you long term problems. Now, if only Brooks would give me some free gear for years of endorsing their running shoes?

I digress.

So what is stopping you from joining elderly pensioners and disabled runners, walkers and cyclists? Have you gone soft? Are you lazy? Have you torn a heartlidge????? No seriously, if a young man with cerebral palsy can get out for a morning walk, there is every chance not one of your excuses will wash.

Why not use some mental toughness and make exercise a habit? It might take time but you will no doubt feel and enjoy the long term rewards. All you need to do is cut 5 or 6 hours a week out that you would otherwise waste on Facebook and Instagram then channel that energy into exercise. You know, it’s not too late to allow that new year resolution of jogging back into your line of sight. Bin the stupid diets off (they are for lazy souls) and put in some effort. Make exercise a habit you no longer feel any resistance to. Go on, I dare you! Most of all, just be grateful you live in a country where you can freely exercise in.

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Born and raised in Sydney. Well travelled. I have a deep love for live theatre, music and the arts. Ohh, I may also have a deep love for Liverpool Football Club!

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