Proof That We All Have A Chance!

Sometimes in life you just have to take a chance and that’s exactly what Hollywood outsider, Tommy Wiseau did at the start of the millennium when he poured $6 million into The Room. The film has since gained cult status as one of the worst movies of all time and the story behind the film has been put back into the spotlight by James Franco who not only directs “The Disaster Artist” but also stars in the lead role alongside his younger brother, David.

I’ll have to put my hands up here. I only decided to catch “The Disaster Artist” because there was a: nothing better showing at the time, b: I need to edge closer to 100 films for the year and c: I was still half cut from my work Crimbo party this afternoon and thought “fuck it, it’s only $12 I’ll be wasting and it’ll get me out of the afternoon heat!”.

Taking my seat for previews, I began to second guess myself but around twenty minutes into “The Disaster Artist”, I was starting to thank myself lucky that I had been able to catch one of the years most tragic and diabolical depictions to hit cinema screens.

James Franco delivers a wooden and cumbersome version of Tommy Wiseau, so close to the bone that there are points where you actually think you are watching Tommy on screen all over. Bravo James! To be honest, I don’t even want to give away too much more about the film except to say, with a touch of irony, that you will see a lot worse at the cinema this festive season

With a creative cast coupled with a story worth telling, “The Disaster Artist” is most certainly one of the surprise films of 2017. It’s also a reminder that, no matter how bad you may be at making or acting in films, we all have a chance if we just believe.

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