Jurgen Klopp: 2 Years On

I’m not going to start out by throwing you a plate load of stats and comparisons to former managers today.  What I am going to do is try and explain why it’s important for Liverpool to keep moving forward with our manager at the helm.


It was a fantastic day back in mid October 2015.  A man thought to be a messiah of sorts had arrived on Merseyside to help dig us out of a rut that had been carrying on for almost 18 months now.  I was there on the fateful Monday night when we threw away 2 valuable points against Crystal Palace and with it, any chance of winning the league.  I’d spent over four long months talking utter shit on a Cyrstal Palace fan forum to get in with the locals and secure a couple of tickets in the home end.  We all know that away tickets have become a closed shop in recent years (thanks to Bolton, Wigan and Blackburn fucking off) and you either have to know the right people or just strike it lucky on the day.  I honestly don’t think Liverpool recovered from that 3-3 result.  More so, the manager at the time failed to recover as well and was punted after almost a season and a half of post Suarez disappointments.

Then came Jurgen.  Now, we were on our way back.  The chosen one was with us, expectations were high and the supporters were behind the team as one once more.


Outside White Hart Lane, we gathered earlier than normal, sorted our tickets and moved in to sing our bleeding hearts out.  There was a special atmosphere in the air.  Fast forward 90 minutes and we had escaped with a goalless draw against Spurs and probably could have taken all 3 but it wasn’t to be.  I vividly remember the players running themselves into the ground and being impressed by this new and adventurous style of play that was being implemented.  Fast forward four months and we were back at Wembley in a cup final.  The day didn’t end the way we had all hoped but things were looking up.  It’s one of the best days out at Wembley I have ever had and part of that was down to the manager.  Fast forward a further two months and I watched back home in awe as our manager inspired a memorable come from behind European classic that will live in the lives of those who attended for the rest of their living days.  In between there were a number of other astounding results.  At the end of that season, we were in another European final.  Once more, a shit result but we were moving forward.


All the time through the second half of the season, I kept thinking back to that day at Spurs.  That’s where it started.  That’s where it continues to this day.

Last season, Klopp’s first full season in charge, he helped the club back into the dining halls of Europe’s elite.  Back in the big time.  Sure there were some moments where we were left flat.  Think the meek showing at home in the League Cup semi final when we should have battered an average Southampton and gone onto another Wembley adventure.  Or some of those tosh results to substandard clubs at home during the season.  Regardless, we finished in fourth and looked forward to the coming season playing against Europe’s royalty of the football kind.  In 18 months, we’d enjoyed some adventures and good times were ahead.


Think once more, back to that day at White Hart Lane and remember how exciting it was that Liverpool had secured an elite manager who had come from Germany with impressive pedigree and a bright future ahead for us all.  Well, that future is still alive and kicking.  Listening to some of the fools on radio phone in shows or reading some of the utter shit coming from poorly educated mouths on social media forums shouldn’t deter you.  It’s from people who are never satisfied.  The same people who expect a treble every season and then shout to the rooftops when it fails to eventuate.


Think of that day at White Hart Lane some two years ago.  Think of those amazing European nights so far.  Think of two cup finals and most of all, think of the great nights ahead in this seasons Champions League and another top four finish.  Most of all, be grateful that we have a manager who wants us to succeed and will move hell and high water to see it happen.  Calling for the managers head is nonsense.  It’s the sort of talk that should have you having a word with yourself.

Get behind your team, be patient and show some faith and trust in a man who will bring many more special days and nights.  You don’t yet know how good you have it……

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Born and raised in Sydney. Well travelled. I have a deep love for live theatre, music and the arts. Ohh, I may also have a deep love for Liverpool Football Club!

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