When You Meet That Special Someone….

Around 13 years ago now, I discovered the sultry sounds of Sarah Blasko, a young Sydney sider who, once a choir girl, finally made it as a solo performer on her own right.  From that moment on, I was hooked and have since her every album upon release and seen her many times.  Sarah Blasko is one of the rare artists who has released a series of flawless LPs that grow with every passing year.


On April 11 2013, I was riding the tube from my Kensington hostel to Barbican in London for a small gig Sarah was giving to a few hundred lucky and humble admirers.  On the short walk from the tube to venue, I got chatting to a lovely lady who, as it turns out, was working for Sarah’s UK label.  Stranger things yeah?  Once inside the venue and at the bar (where else do record label people gather before a gig), I was introduced to a few other people from the label and we exchanged some chat about different bands and Sarah’s growing reputation in Europe.  One guy who stood out was Adrian.  He lived in Brighton, loved Brighton Hove & Albion and more importantly, was a really genuine and lovely guy.


After a few moments, Andrew’s eyes lit up with a cheeky grin and he summoned me with his eyes to turn around to look behind me.  Low and behold, there was Sarah Fucking Blasko standing at the bar waiting to be served!  Literally a few yards from me.  Without hesitation (or was it the Dutch courage from a couple of drinks?), I saddled up next to Sarah and struck up a conversation for a few minutes.  Had I died and gone to heaven?  Perhaps?  Anyway, there was no chance I was going to waste this opportunity to to ask some questions that had gathered in my mind.


We spoke for a few minutes and discussed covering a Bowie song (yeah, I know but I had to do it) and some small talk about recording techniques.  I often wonder if she thought of me when she recorded “Life On Mars?” for Triple J’s “Like a Version” sessions in 2016?  Probably not but we can all dream can’t we?  Following our chat, I grabbed a quick photo with her and then returned to my new found friends.  Meeting new people is always fun when you travel.  Makes the adventure more interesting.


So where do you go after meeting a performer you have admired for many years?  Straight into the concert hall actually.  Well, she was playing a gig after all!  Oh, and yes, the gig was boss!  I took plenty of photos and the London crowd took a shine to her instantly and everyone left gleaming from a unique and intrepid performance from one of Australia’s shining lights in the entertainment industry.  If I am being honest, it astounds me why people watch The Voice and other glorified kareoke shows when they can explore the likes of Sarah Blasko, Claire Bowditch, Holly Throsby, Kate Miller Heidke and Katy Steel who are all briiliant singers, musicians and performers who excel at writing their own material and are gifted on many levels.  Anyway, that battle can be saved for another day because I met Sarah Blasko in London on a night when I would have been happy just to watch her perform.

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Born and raised in Sydney. Well travelled. I have a deep love for live theatre, music and the arts. Ohh, I may also have a deep love for Liverpool Football Club!

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