In Love with Annie Hall!

It’s not that often a film resonates with me long enough that I can watch it more than twenty times however, Woody Allen’s contagiously witty “Annie Hall” does exactly that.  Why would anyone want to watch a film over 20 times you ask?  Well, it’s a Woody Allen film for starters and it also stars Diane Keaton, still an actress I admire by the spade load to this day.  If I am being honest, I doubt Diane Keaton has ever excelled as much as she does here in any film role before or since.  And yes, she’s been in some crackers!  Think “The Godfather” and “Crimes Of The Heart” as a starting point.

ANNIE HALL - French Poster by Jouineau Bourduge.jpg

Release in September 1977, “Annie Hall” traces to constant woes of Alvy Singer (Woody Allen) who spends far too much of his time procrastinating over lost loves and failed relationships.  Hey, we’ve all been there at some point in our lives and for Alvy, it’s carried on a little too long for his liking.  Whilst playing tennis with friends, Alvy meets and proceeds to enjoy a somewhat awkward conversation with Annie Hall.  The spark is there for both parties, albeit a flickering spark at first which lends you to the train of thought of a gradual layer upon layer process of foundation setting.  I guess this is what we all go through when we meet someone new right?  Well, the boiled lobster scene is the epitome of all relationships.  You will find your saying “yep”, “yep” and “yep” as you giggle your way through the scene.  Actually, come to think of it, relationships for those of us above 35 or so.  I mean, young lovers these days do it all through social media and selfies. Conversing in the kitchen whilst boiling a lobster for young lovers in 2017 seems a step to far doesn’t it?  Hell, they would be too busy checking in on Facebook and photo shopping the fucking lobster for Instagram to take to the time out for a serious chat.  Ohh, look at that.  My Alvy Singer side is shining through.  Enough on the cynicism David!


There is a morbid and twisted tale that unfolds as Alvy and Annie fall in love.  Alvy struggles to come to terms with his demons from the past which tends to push Annie away.  In typical Woody Allen form (a good reason why “Annie Hall” is one of the greatest pictures ever made), Alvy takes the long way round to Annie’s heart.  Once there, the results are spectacular!

What makes “Annie Hall” so desirable as a lesson in car crash relationships is the sharp wit employed by both characters at the centerpiece and a somewhat morose way one man looks at love whilst his partner takes on a more positive approach which is how we should all look at relationships.  Let’s face it, relationships are sometimes tricky and rarely perfect but if “Annie Hall” teach you one thing, that is to always communicate and be honest with your partner.


Maybe, just maybe, this weekend is the perfect time to sit down and enjoy one of Woody Allen’s finest creations for the silver screen.  Hell, 20 viewings or more and i still want to go back for more so I am most certain you will enjoy the picture, even if you see it just the once.

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