Reaching Your Goals Isn’t A Problem

I was asked the other day by a co-worker if it annoyed me that I don’t always reach my goals that I set out.  After all, the point of setting a goal is to achieve it right?  Well, not always, in fact, not reaching your goals can be the best thing to happen to you.  And here’s why.

As previously mentioned, i’m making July my birthday month.  a thirty-one day celebration for my impending 40th birthday.  Over the top?  Perhaps?  Excessive?  Most definitely!  But hey, you have one shot at life so why not enjoy as much of it as you can.  After all, we spend a third of our life sleeping, another third working and the remaining third should always be spent doing what you love.  It’s been my mantra for a long time now.   So, this goal setting lark?  Well, one of my many goals this month was to read four books.  That’s one per week.  Simple yes?  Mind, with work, refereeing, running, walking, seeing movies, having weekends away and all the rest of it, time has been very short and I am looking like falling short in my target of four books for the month.  But here’s why it isn’t such a bad thing.

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Lately, I’ve let my regular reading time fall by the way side.  With a target to read four books in four weeks, I’m making a concerted effort to read more which can only be a good thing.  The two books I have on the go at the moment are “Good Night and Good Riddance: How 35 Years of John Peel Helped Shape Modern Life” by esteemed journalist, Dave Cavanagh and “Watching The Match: The Inside Story of Football on Television” by Brian Barwick.  The former is a 600 plus page epic peek through the looking glass at how BBC Radio 1 presenter, John Peel, shaped our lives through music.  Cavanagh goes into microscopic detail with a number of the Peel sessions that helped to launch the careers of many including Siousxsie & The Banshees, The Smiths, Joy Division and even Bowie to an extent.  Peel pushed the boundaries of radio and was always outside the square.  If listeners complained about him playing too much ska music, you can rest assured he would play even more in the coming weeks.  Peel educated listeners by pure brut force.  He forced us to step outside the comfort zone and we appreciated him for it.  “Good Night and Good Riddance” is a fascinating insight so far from the 70 pages I have chalked up.

Brian Barwick’s look into the history of football on television takes on an interesting angle and is more appealing in the sense of a quick read because it only stretches to a tiny 225 pages.  An easy read if you could call it that.  With “Watching The Match” we are taken on a journey from football’s first forays into the world of television and from there, the whole spectrum of how television essentially revolutionized the world game.  We learn of the pressure on the BBC and ITV to bring the 1966 World Cup to viewers in England and the rest of the world and Barwick delves into just how significant the impact of “Match of The Day” has been on British culture.  I should finish this number by the end of the week.


Sometimes goal setting can be a good way to get you onto the habit or rhythm of doing more of the good things in life.  You must remember not to be disappointed by not reaching your goal.  You should instead, embrace the challenge and see how far it takes you.  A lot of self help sites will try and convince you that you have not succeeded if you don’t reach your desired goals.  They couldn’t be further from the mark in that assumption.  As long as you are enjoying the challenge of your goal then that is all you need.  Our society has too much focus on success and failure and how those two are defined.  Again, that is way off the mark.  There are no grand prizes lying in wait for me when I read more books.  Just the self satisfaction that I am enjoying reading more and more.

So there you have it.  Whilst not reaching that initial goal, i’m still focused on reading and that my friends, has to be a jolly good thing wouldn’t you say.  Now, where are my trainers?  It’s time for a jog!


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Born and raised in Sydney. Well travelled. I have a deep love for live theatre, music and the arts. Ohh, I may also have a deep love for Liverpool Football Club!

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