25 Years Of Bowie Collecting: Marshall Jarman Catalogue – Spring 1996

The year otherwise know as 1996 was one to remember for myself.  I was out and about in the night clubs, i’d been putting on a few of my very own Bowie nights, Trainspotting hit the big screen and I saw it no less than 7 times in the cinema, Suede were topping European charts with Coming Up, an LP that garnered no less than 5 TOP 10 UK hits and my Bowie collecting was at a new high.  Ohh, I was 19, working in a record store, wearing lots of outrageous clobber, experimenting with hair & make-up whilst going to see The Sex Pistols live at the old Festival Hall.  1996 was a great year!  Oh, yeah, back on topic.

Marshall’s catalog’s were by now, a thing of legend.  He was procuring a great many number of rarities and hard to find items and with Bowie back on the road, there was a renewed interest in his collectible items.  I was beginning to correspond with other collectors by letter Steve Pafford was producing his excellent Crank’n Out! fanzine which was always full of wonderful content.  Hmmm, I should dedicate a blog entry to Crank’n Out! one day shouldn’t I?

I digress.

So here we have, Marshall Jarmans’ Spring 1996 collection of goodies for sale….

Page 1


Page 2: Section One – 7″ Singles without a PS & Section Two – 7″ Singles with a PS


Page 3: Section Two (continued)


Page 4: Section Three – Picture Discs, Section Four – 12″ Singles & Section Five – LP Records


Page 5: Section Five (continued)


Page 6: Section Five (continued) & Section Six – Compact Discs


Page 7: Section Seven – Odds and Sods


Page 8: Methods of Payment


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