25 Years Of Collecting Bowie – Marshall Jarman Catalogue: Winter 1996

It’s time to return to the Marshall Jarman catalogues and this is my third oldest surviving number from autumn 1995.  It’s the first catalogue to contain 1. Outside products including the 7″ singles for Strangers When We Meet on green vinyl and early copies of Hallo Spaceboy on pink vinyl.  Also of note were the Rykodisc clear vinyl pressings of Ziggy, The Man Who Sold The World, Pin Ups and Diamond Dogs going for £10-12!  There were also a good share of Japanese vinyl pressings as well.

The highlight at the time for me was the Love You Till Tuesday 7″ demo on the Deram label.  A steal at £100!

Without further or do, enjoy another treasured memory from the world of Bowie collecting…..

Page 1: Cover


Page 2: Section One – 7″ singles without picture sleeves & Section Two – 7″ singles with picture sleeves


Page 3: Section Two (continued)


Page 4: Section Two (continued), Section Three – Picture Discs, Section Four – Interview Discs & Section Five – 12″ Singles


Page 5: Section Five (continued) & Section Six – LP Records


Page 6: Section Six (continued)


Page 7: Section Seven – Compact Discs & Section Eight – Rykodisc


Page 8 – Section Eight (continued), Section Nine – Tin Machine & Section Ten – Odds & Sods


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