25 Years Of Collecting Bowie: Marshall Jarman Catalogue – Spring 1994

As promised earlier, I decided to share some of my old Marshall Jarman catalogues to you all in an effort to give an indication of how much the collectors market has changed over time.  I cannot speak highly enough of Marshall.  His prices were always reasonable and his service was second to none!  With these catalogues, I have decided to take photographs of each page as I don’t own a scanner so my apologies in advance for the crookedness that may appear with some of the images.  There are a further five catalogues to share plus a plethora of flyers and bootleg listings to come so keep checking back.

Without further conversation, I give you the Spring 1994 catalogue!

PAGE 1: Cover


PAGE 2: Section 1 – 7″ singles not issued with a PS & Section 2 – 7″ singles with a PS


PAGE 3: Section 2 (continued)


PAGE 4: Section 2 (continued), Section 3 – Picture Discs, Section 4 – Interview Discs, Section 5 – 12″ Singles & Section 6 – LP Records


PAGE 5: Section 6 (continued)


PAGE 6: Section 7 – Compact Discs


PAGE 7: Section 8 – RYKODISC & Section 9 – Tin Machine


PAGE 8: Methods of Payment & Pistage


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