Our Hash Tag Culture Gone Wrong

There have been a lot of #tragedies over recent months, perhaps even years?  One thing I have learnt is that many people have been #heartbroken or #devistated in this time.  We have all (definitely not this little duck) been #prayingforrecentkyattackedcity in an effort to make this #betterforallofus.  Has any of it worked? #notfuckinglikelymate!


What this hash tag culture has done in fact is made it acceptable to think that we are #doingsomething or #contributing to the cause by hash tagging our thoughts away.  Can you see how utterly contrived and daft it all is yet?  Hash tagging on social media in response to a tragedy is fundamentally a way to make yourself feel important and garner attention in by the way of likes and comments about how #amazing and #thoughtful you are.  Give me a #fuckingbreak!


People are like sheep.  If they see people are #heartbroken over a terrorist attack they feel compelled to join in on the fun.  Effectively, you aren’t #heartbroken at all.  You have just lost touch with reality.  Why? Well, it’s kind of like this.  If you were genuinely #heartbroken, you wouldn’t be able to emotionally control yourself for days, possibly even weeks.  A #brokenheart is not something many of us feel all that often but as I said before, it makes us feel good about ourselves if we show we care doesn’t it?


My mother always told us when we were kids that actions speak louder than words.  So next time you see a story on a homeless person being attached, don’t hash tag how #devoststed you are at the news, physically go out and help homeless people.  But them food, coffee, talk to them.  Be that physical stepping stone for them to get back on track in life.  Let your actions override your hash tag culture bubble that you choose to live in.  A recent study by Melbourne University found that over 90% of us have never stopped to help a homeless person.  We tend to think we are above that ourselves but in reality homeless people are no different to you, me or the Queen of England.  So put your hash tag away and actually do something!

Since 9/11, America and her allies have been on the offensive.  Invading, raping and pillaging a greater number of countries than had ever done before.  Since that time, there have been an increasing number of terrorist attacks around the western world which has led to an ingrained culture of #prayforlondon/paris/madrid/brussels/bali/you getthejist of it.  Once more, the narcissistic “look at me” social media culture shows us all up for actually thinking we give a shit.  We don’t really.  After sitting around the television telling all our social media buddies how #devistated we are, we get back to life as normal.  Back to posting selfies of ourselves on the lash or endless photos of our dinners and coffees.  We could use this time to write letters to out governments, petition friends to boycott products and companies that support the enemies within.  We could actively do any number of things to improve the world we live in.  But most of us #dont.


Isn’t it time we ceased all this #pretendingtogivetwofucks and got back to being actively thoughtful and helpful people?  Our society is engulfed in greed, hatred, selfish attitudes whilst lacking genuine compassion and kindness.  We like to think we care but do we really give a flying fuck anymore?  It’s time we put this pointless and wasteful hash tagging culture to be bed and started becoming better human beings.

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Born and raised in Sydney. Well travelled. I have a deep love for live theatre, music and the arts. Ohh, I may also have a deep love for Liverpool Football Club!

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