Where To Next?

Well, I have to admit, I’m getting itchy feet to travel again.  OK, I lied.  My feet grew to urge to be itched once I got home from England last week.  More so, I was pondering future travel destinations during the flight home.  Where to go? What to do?  How to arrange time off through work?  In many respects, I have the dream job.  Not in the financial sense but more so the freedom to take time off for travel adventures.


I’m big on the idea of being called to places.  I know you might think that strange of me to suggest, however, I genuinely feel we are pull to countries at various stages in life for very specific reasons.  Lately, China and New Zealand have been whispering gently into my ear lobes as I chew the fat on life.  Well, alright, nobody has been whispering to me.  I’m not going crackers.  Not yet at least but I am feeling an incredibly strong urge for the two previously mentioned lands.  China is looking like a short 12 day jaunt at this stage.  And New Zealand?  Well, an extra long weekend should help that urge.  I’m planning to sky dive for my 40th birthday next month so NZ would be a cracking place to bungy jump don’t you think?  Something a bit out there.  I should mention that I am petrified of heights here.  This is why I have been out of jumping from any great heights before now.  What is they say about facing your demons though?


The hardest challenge of any future travels this year will be to splice in yet another European football adventure.  After all, it’s already been 7 days since I finished the last one and the Premier League fixtures are released in less than 48 hours from now (it’s 11pm) so a man needs to be both excited and prepared.  Goodness, I even exchanged messsges about the cricket World Cup set down for England in 2019 this morning.  Are kids, mortgages and fancy cars overrated?  My fucking word they are!  Give this little duck freedom every single day of the week.  Oh, and travel too!  Ahh, I forgot to mention chocolate, I need my chocolate!


Being an avid reader of travel blogs, it never ceases to amaze me what other people are capable of when they relish in their desired travel destinations.  I find so many of these strangers words so incedibly inspiring to the point where I can’t go more than a few days without finding new adventures to read of.  Ever since I put down Kerouac’s “On The Road” as a spotty faced teenager, I knew deep down that adventure and travel would always be my ironic yet fitting final destination in life.  I guess what I am trying to say is that, I can see myself travelling right up to my final days on planet earth.  What’s more,  I’d happily die in a plane crash because it would gaurentee that I would die doing what I love.

Oh, did I mention England are coming out in November to defend The Ashes?  And have I ever told you that I’ve not been to Perth?  I have a cousin living there and England play Australia in the final ever test match at the WACA during December so Perth it is!  Have you begun to garner a picture of just how difficult my first world problems really are?  It’s a most tough life that I lead.


I’ve no idea where my passion for travel comes from.  Absolutely none of my family have ever been travelling adventurers and I wasn’t really inspired by anything in particular growing up aside from writers and singers.  Have you ever put a book down and thought to yourself, “Well fuck me, I need to see (inset town, city or country here) before I die!”   C’mon, surely you must have at some point?

If a car runs me down and kills me tomorrow, my only regrets will be, as I lay on the road bleeding to death, that I didn’t see more of the world.  Maybe then, I might return as a bird and find my own way around planet earth?


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Born and raised in Sydney. Well travelled. I have a deep love for live theatre, music and the arts. Ohh, I may also have a deep love for Liverpool Football Club!

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