A Sunny Stroll Through Lun-don Town….

After last night, I needed a good day and that is exactly what I got!  Having woken up this morning in one of the dirtiest and seediest hostels you could imagine, I had to set out early to clear my head and enjoy some positive energy.  Hence, I boarded the overground DLR line to Bank station and headed off to seek out some fun.


I started simply by wandering the back streets of the area between Bank tube station and London Tower.  It was surprising just how beautiful some of the architecture is around this section of the city.  A fine mix of old and new if ever there was.  Following an hour or so of this, I needed a hot chocolate, somewhere to charge my phone and edit more photos from Spain.  Having found a quiet corner, I was ready to go so the headphones went into my ears and the sweet and melodic tones of Morrissey played into my thoughts.


Looking over photos of my week in Spain and, as much as I enjoyed myself, I was well chuffed to be back in England.  The culture, football (it was FA Cup final day), the atmosphere and people watching here in blighty is always enjoyable regardless of the city I am residing in.  London can be overwhelming though, should to immerse yourself in and around the quiet areas, the better off you will be.


Following a delicious hot chocolate, I headed for a local church only to find preparations for the ordainment of not one, but two priests.  Preparations were in full swing as a number of older priests were showing the two, much younger men of the cloth where to stand and when.  The small choir were fine tuning a selection of hymns which, I must say, sounded delightful.  Lots of pomp and ceremony as only the British know best.


From here I spent more time exploring, taking photos and watching tourists with selfie sticks in full swing around the tourist traps.  Eventually, I took a seat not far from London Tower and allowed the sun to wash down upon me.  It truly was a glorious English afternoon.  A little windy yet still fabulous.  As time quickly ticked by, I noticed a Weaterspoons Pub over the way so I didn’t have to think too hard as to where I would watch the cup final.  Another plus is that I was also going to score some cheap food and beer.


Finding a quiet spot away from the rowdy drunkards, I tucked into my burger, chips and beer as a few “older” patrons also joined me in the quite corner.  You know how it is when you want to watch the match but the pub decides to turn the volume down and play shite music?  Not today I am pleased to report!  Better still, Arsenal defeated Chelsea 2-1 and that only meant we would not have to endure John Terry being a bell end once more.  Most of the people around me were Arsenal supporters too which made it even more enjoyable.


Once the game was over, I headed back to the Thames River to take some more snaps then head back in for a cup of tea and some photo editing at a nearby cafe.  Before I knew it, I was feeling a little worn out from the day and realised it was time to return to this most dreadful hostel and attempt to sleep a little.  So far, no good hence me writing a blog entry at 12:30 am.  With a clear head in the morning, I will try and find alternative living arrangements for the next couple of days before venturing up to Merseyside early Tuesday.

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Born and raised in Sydney. Well travelled. I have a deep love for live theatre, music and the arts. Ohh, I may also have a deep love for Liverpool Football Club!

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