Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is!

More than ever before, we express ourselves through social media.  In light of last night’s bombing in Manchester, I posed a thought process through my own Facebook account this morning that we should also think of the 500,000 civilian deaths in Syria since 2011.  Since the allied invasion of the Middle East in 1990, there have been an estimated 5 MILLION deaths in the region.  That’s the equivalent to wiping out a quarter of Australia’s entire population.  Think about that?

Whilst it is sad that any human being should die under the circumstances that evolved in Manchester, like Madrid, Paris, London, Stockholm, Brussels and other cities around Europe, a small percentage of deluded fools think it is ok to take away the lives of innocent human beings just going about their daily lives.

The media and our governments are brilliant at putting spin on any sad event.  They force it down our throats to encite hatred in all directions.  They should be held accountable but they never are.  The same media outlets fail on a regular basis to report on tragedies occurring on a daily basis in the Middle East.  Our governments don’t want us to see the destruction their bombs are causing.  Entire cities are being wiped out by American and allied bombs.

In 2011, United States Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton both funded and armed rebel freedom fighters in Syria.  These rebel freedom fighters are now what we know as Islamic State, or ISIS.  When Wikileaks released this information condemning Clinton’s actions after releasing the evidence, the mainstream media brushed it under the carpet.  I guess like they do with all news that reflects poorly on the west?


I’m an educated man in life.  I’ve travelled extensively, worked in refugee health services and volunteered for various charity organisations both at home and abroad.  Last year alone, a bought meals and/or coffee for over 60 homeless people.  I try to do my bit to “be the change you wish to see in the world”.  So much so, I have the quote inked (see photo above) onto my left arm.  On average, I will also donate around $2,000 of my income to three preferred charity organisations each year.


This morning, whilst finding my way to a train station in Barcelona, I noticed a homeless man with his dog and felt compelled to do something.  He was sound asleep so I didn’t want to wake him, in turn, I put 50 Euro’s into a safe spot in one of his bags.  I hope when he woke up and found the money, he will put it to good use.  It was my budgeted allotment towards museum and art gallery entries whilst in Spain this week.  I won’t miss it.

I’m not one to hash tag my “heartbreak” and “devastation” all over social media.  It just isn’t my thing.  Nor is erecting national flags.  I wonder what all this actually achieved?  Does it make people feel better about themselves?  Who knows?  I would prefer to put my energy into physical action.

Since my original post this morning, I have been “defriended” by 45 people and sent some pretty hateful and vile private messages which has forced me to change my privacy settings.  I’m not a horrible person.  I’m just a guy who sees things differently.  At the end of the day, expressing our emotions over keyboards does very little, if anything to change things for the better.  The only real change comes through actions, not words, hash tags or national flags.

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Born and raised in Sydney. Well travelled. I have a deep love for live theatre, music and the arts. Ohh, I may also have a deep love for Liverpool Football Club!

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