More Spanish Delights….

So here I sit, the end of a tiring and draining day with the sun setting whilst the remaining embers shimmer off the windows resting high above street level.  It’s been quite the majestic day that began in Barcelona and has finished in Girona.


I awoke to not one, but two magnificent sights this morning.  The first was the strapping young Brazilian lad in the bed opposite my hostel bunk.  He was completely naked with his sheet somehow falling foul during the night.  Perhaps intentional because his cock, perfectly groomed was showing its very own morning glory (all nine inches of it) for the remaining inferior dorm mates to see.  I stood from my lower bunk, turned to look at the girl from Amsterdam with a shrug of the shoulders and she just nodded and smiled back at me.  I think she liked what she saw?


The next magnificent sight to behold was that of the Cathedral of Barcelona.  I might have mentioned it yesterday perhaps?  Well, today, it was there for all to see in the glow of the morning sun.  There are few Cathedrals in my travels that haven taken my breath quite like this master.  I wouldn’t see much more for I needed to be on a reasonably early train to the north east of Catalonia with my destination being the former medieval town of Girona.


The train ride only cost 8.40 Euro’s and took around 85 minutes to reach my destination.  Sadly, the scenery was not too spectacular along the way.  Many of the train stops heading up made for grim viewing.  Lots of deserted stations smothered from top to toe in graffiti as you can see by the image below.


Once in Girona, I dropped my bag in at the hostel and made a bee line for the old town which sat perhaps no more than 10 minutes walk away.  I’m most chuffed I decided to come here because the old town is nothing short of spectacular!  Sometimes you can cover these smaller towns in one, perhaps two hours.  Not Girona!  I walked and walked and walked for hours, soaking up all Girona had to offer.  And my word, what was on show would delight even the most tricky to please of travellers.


The Romans once ruled the city before passing hands to the Visigoths then onto the Moors upon which it traded hands for a few hundred years more. The Jews had a turn as well before the Catholics expelled them and even the French had their dirty paws in the mix before Catalonia claimed it where it stays to this day.  During the Spanish civil war, general Franco decided to bomb the city and for 18 months, Girona was never safe.  There are three bomb shelters which civilians used during the raid, one of which remains open to the public today.


During the 19th Century, the defensive walls around the city (they weren’t very good considering all the invasions) were demolished before being rebuilt some time later to attract more tourists.  Only a staunch historian would be able to pick this up first sight I would imagine.  There are a great deal of sights to be had, particularly from the lookout posts atop the castle and boundary walls (all of which are free to explore) of the town and castle.  Best of all, it’s vast layout means that things won’t get too crowded during tourist peak season.


There are no hulking Brazilian men in my dorm tonight so tomorrow morning should not provide too many sights to behold.  Once I devour breakfast, it’s on board the train once more as I head to the birthplace of Salvador Dali, Figueres.

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