It All Comes Down To This!

I’ve been awake since 5 am.  I’ve been aware of this day since July 2016.  The final day of the season.  Middlesbrough at home.  3 pm kick off.  Return train ticket to Lime Street booked.  Friends to see. Songs to sing.  A party of sorts to be had!


One thing I have refused to do is buy into the media hype surrounding possible play off matches.  It’s all click bait to raise outside interest and boost television ratings.  Liverpool are going to win comfortably this afternoon.  Simple.  The only worry on my mind is making sure I meet up with all my match going mates.

In previous years, I have enjoyed sending off club legends like Carra and Stevie, endured the final day realisation of near misses in the race for the title and celebrated the odd Champions League qualification to boot.  Today will bring Champions League qualification and one hell of a party.  I know it’s not the league title celebration we dream of or another Europeans Cup trophy to add to the cabinet but it’s the city of Liverpool, football, friends and my second home, Anfield.  Nothing in life means more to me than this club.  Well, Bowie aside of course.


The train from Huddersfield to Lime Street departs in exactly one hour.  By 11 am, I will be walking through the gates of Lime Street.  By midday, I will have made the long yet delightful walk up to Anfield. From there I will find all the regulars, laugh at the crazy season about to be laid to rest, take lots of happy snaps with the gang, eat one of those delicious foot long hot dogs from my favourite street vendor on Walton Breck Road, buy my matchday programe, find my seat in the Main Stand,  sing the songs, abuse the referee (if needed), celebrate the goals we score by hugging and kissing complete strangers, swing my scarf above my head, cheer the full time whistle then be safe in the knowledge the red men are off to the big show in Europe come September this year.


I’ll make my way home on the 7:22 pm train from Lime Street with a wry smile on my face.  Why you ask? Because I am doing what I love doing.  It all comes down to this!

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Born and raised in Sydney. Well travelled. I have a deep love for live theatre, music and the arts. Ohh, I may also have a deep love for Liverpool Football Club!

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