How Putting Down Your Phone Can Change Your Life!

So there I was, on the train this morning making my way to work.  They were all doing it.  Passionately too may I add! Gentle fingers stroking away, the odd smile popping up though, for the most part, they were all so transfixed on the object of their affection that they had almost all become emotionless in the pursuit of whatever it was they were trying to achieve.

When I bring this problem up in conversation the defence mechanism goes into overdrive for the best part.  “Oh, I am normally checking my email on the way to work!” they squeal!  Of course you are I sartcastictly think to myself.  I see it every time I make the journey though.  A casual peek over the shoulder almost always gaurentees they are scrolling through Facebook or Instagram, begging for others to like their self gratifying “selfie” or coffee shot to justify their existence.


A train carriage packed to the rafters is what I am referring to.  Crammed in like sardines.  All doing the exactly  same thing as they were doing yesterday and will do once more tomorrow and the day after and the day after that.  Killing brain cells by the hour as they flick through news feeds on smart phones.

Why are they not reading books like me I ask myself?  Occasionally, I spot the odd random with a book in hand.  Sometimes there may even be a tiny scattering of book worms!  Think about it.  My journey by train to work is 20 minutes.  A return journey makes 40 minutes a day.  Even longer for those who live further out.  Over a week that makes just over 3 hours. In a year of work taking into account holidays and sick leave, that’s 130 hours each year wasted on social media when these same commenters could be reading.


Translate this into book pages and it works out to some 15-20 books a year depending on size.  Yes, size does matter kids!

Just imagine what you can learn over a year by reading 20 books?  Compare that to what you may or may not pick up from smart phone play time?  It’s a no brainer! And I’m constantly debating the merits of this subject with others.  Of course there is no perfect answer or solution though just keep it mind what reading a good book can do for you.  We spend hundreds and hundreds of hours a year on our phones achieving very little.  It’s time to buck the trend and cease this wasteful exercise of killing off our minds.

Next time you get the train or bus to work, consider taking a book along for the journey and allow your mind to explore! You will be surprised by what you may learn……

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Born and raised in Sydney. Well travelled. I have a deep love for live theatre, music and the arts. Ohh, I may also have a deep love for Liverpool Football Club!

One thought on “How Putting Down Your Phone Can Change Your Life!

  1. I’ve been guilty of the social media thing on the train and find my eyes are tired before I get to work! So your missive today is what I’ve been thinking too!. My public transport journey is 1 1/2 hours each way so I’ve joined a book reading club to keep me accountable to read more books. Thanks for the encouragement 🙂

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