When The Kardashian Family….

…….Takes it too far!  They have pushed the envelope way too far for the sake of attention.

When news broke in October 2016 that Kim Kardashian and her band of merry bell ends otherwise known as a family of inept social misfits were robbed at gun point in Paris, I smelt a rat.  Remember her wedding to Kris Humphries?  You know the one.  The extravagant wedding that was sold as a pay per view event and died in the water after just 72 days?  Well, that little shame made her a whopping US$12.6 MILLION in cold hard cash.  Easy money right?  That’s why I was highly skeptical of her latest “stunt” in Paris.


Fast forward some six months later and low and behold, the latest season of their “reality” (can you actually call it that?) television show is offering the inside scoop on the Paris robbery where the family come clean on how terrified they were.  It’s going to be a ratings bonanza from the get go.  Why you ask?  Because we live in a generation of train-wreck spotters where the trash always comes out on top.  Or, as Jarvis Cocker succinctly put in his 2006 song, “Running The World”, shit floats!


On that, shall we say, fateful night in Paris during the 2016 fashion week, it is alleged a band of armed robbers stormed the luxury apartment owned by the Kardashian family and took of with almost $15 MILLION worth of jewelry.  After the robbers made their escape, dropping a $60,000 necklace in the stairwell, Kardashian managed to free herself from the handcuffs placed on her (Houdini act anyone?) and alert the Police.  Naturally, the whole ordeal was destined to become television folklore and so it will be on television screens around the world.


What’s appears more disappointing than the farce that is the Kardashian family, are the millions of sheep who follow their every whim.  It’s a sad indicative of our society that a family of spoiled rich brats have captured the imagination of the western world in such a way that we now overlook the genuine pioneers of our society.  We’ve lost touch with reality ourselves and for the time being there seems to be no way back.    Our brains are being fried with pointless and meaningless trivial news stories and propaganda.  In the process, governments continue to pass bills that take more of our basic civil rights away as they continue to bury their heads in the trough of greed and corruption with their corporate buddies.


Sadly, there seems no way back for the majority of us.  We are moving, at a rapid pace towards an inept society incapable if thinking for ourselves.  And it’s rubbish television like Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s that is destroying our intelligence levels and common sense.  The entire family and their entourage are frauds, rotten to the core yet we keep lapping it up without flinching.  What does that say about us?


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Born and raised in Sydney. Well travelled. I have a deep love for live theatre, music and the arts. Ohh, I may also have a deep love for Liverpool Football Club!

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