Long Live Spotify!

Why didn’t I discover the wonder of Spotify sooner?  I know, I’m a “traditionalist” who likes to sit down and play CDs and vinyl on my hi fi system.  Most people I know these days don’t even own CDs let alone pump them out of $1,500 Sherwood speakers from the comfort of their own homes.  Just on a month ago now, I decided to jump on board and try Spotify out.  My phone company, Optus, offered a deal of three months free play time with free streaming.  Why not I thought?  Jolly good idea I thought.  So I did the only thing a man in my position could do and signed up for the free trial.


I guess the main reason I declined numerous offers in the past to sign up was simply down to the train of thought that Spotify wouldn’t offer the varied and obscure selection of artists and bands that I admire and love.  Part of me thought it was just going to be M.O.R and TOP 40.  Thankfully, I’ve been pleasantly surprised!  You name it they have it.  Over 24 MILLION songs apparently?  Anyway, they have Kent, Klaus Nomi, Saint Ettiene, Kraftwerk and Brett Anderson on the books.  Take The Cure for example.  Not only do they have the standard editions of their albums but they also make the deluxe editions with bonus tracks available too.  They have loads more obscure act but I shan’t bore you with the names here.  One thing I have found is, due to licensing issues I assume, some bands are not fully represented at this point in time.  Take Suede for example.  The British gems have released a plethora of wonderful album yet all you can stream on Spotify is their most recent album, Night Thoughts and a live album celebrating Dog Man Star.  Here’s hoping the entire back catalog turns up soon.  It’s only a small glitch I have found thus far in an otherwise remarkable streaming service.

Suede: Left out on Spotify

In recent years, I had become gradually disgruntled with iTunes.  The number of times I would have to re-install iTunes or manually enter song and album title because they were not recognized.  Then there was the ordeal of having to regularly change and update my playlists to suit my needs.  Essentially, iTunes had fallen behind the times and even now, doesn’t look like catching up with the changing face of how we listen to music.  And the big winner for Spotify as far as I am concerned is the 100% free streaming they offer through Optus as a perk.  No more worrying about going over my data or needing to minimize how much I listen to each day.  In fact, I can stream Netflix and Optus Premier League for free with my Optus package as well which makes it a triple win.

In another two months, I will start to pay a poultry $11.99 a month to continue using the service.  There is of course the free version but who wants to be spammed with adverts?  My only concern is that advertising may one day soon, infiltrate the paid up version too.  Another plus is the easy search function to find the music you are after.  You can literally pick up from scratch with Spotify and only a fool would struggle to find their way around the app.  Another huge bonus is the high quality streaming on offer.  It’s set at 320 kbps which is as good as you could technically wish for.

So after three weeks of my Spotify trial, it’s safe to say iTunes is a thing of the past for me.  I’m going to enjoy exploring the 24 MILLION songs on offer through Spotify and maybe even open myself up to some new music that I would have otherwise not heard of.  It’s essentially a great reason not to stay stuck in a musical time warp like so many of my friends have.  Spotify is here to stay and CD’s and vinyl will soon become a distant memory.  Would I recommend Spotify to other potential customers?  My word I will!

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Born and raised in Sydney. Well travelled. I have a deep love for live theatre, music and the arts. Ohh, I may also have a deep love for Liverpool Football Club!

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