How The Left Wing Has Lost The Plot

Most of you who know me well enough understand that I always like to look at both sides of the coin before I make a call or judgement on how I feel about something or what my social and political views are.  The other aspect I rely on is personal experiences from travelling through no less than 40 countries, running marathons to keep fit, refereeing rugby league over the past 23 years, working in refugee health services, domestic violence units, mental health wards, spinal units and many other environments where I have been lucky enough to observe and learn about people and society as a whole.


What I have noticed in the past decade is that we all seem to be experts in nothing.  Hell, even I am guilty of this at times.  Social media has tarnished our educated perspectives on almost everything.  If we see a quote on a meme it must be true right?  If someone Tweets that Donald Trump used Russian’s to hack some kids high school exam results, that must be true as well yeah?  Lies and misinformation are all around us in 2017.  Even the mainstream media are, for the best part, incapable of reporting the truth.

Since the U.S Presidentaial campaign took flight in late 2015, all we heard about was Trump V Clinton.  The media made their mind up before the primary party votes took place that it was Trump v Clinton.  Why?  Because a candidate like Bernie Sanders tells the truth and wants to pull the corporate crooks into line.  That won’t sell newspapers, generate TV and website ratings will it?  Of course it won’t.  Even the comedians wanted Trump v Clinton because it kept unoriginal shonks like Alec Baldwin in the spotlight and gave hypocrites such as Meryl Street ammunition to sit in their ivory tower and bleat to anyone who will listen as to why Trump is a bad guy.  Still, I never heard Streep moan about the 165,000 bombs that the Obama administration dropped around the world.  If anything, social media has taught us all how to perfect “selective outrage”.

This all comes back to our society passing judgement without the facts.  It’s an epidemic that won’t end anytime soon.


I’ve never driven a car, never held a credit card, often go out of my way to talk with and feed homeless people and I vote to the left, often the greens.  Through the years, I’ve learnt one thing in life.  And that is accepting the umpires decision and getting on with it.  Maybe I’m too old fashioned?  What I don’t understand is the whole barrage of #notmypresident that a good deal of Democrat supporters in the United States are carrying on with.  Unfortunately, Donald Trump is your President and like it or not, you need to respect the democratic process in which he was elected and move on to finding a candidate for the next campaign, preferably not that snake in the grass aka Hillary Clinton.  The same woman who helped hide child sex rings whilst also arming and funding ISIS in 2011 whilst Secretary of State.  You know ISIS right? Islamic State?  Those big baddies who want to convert you all to Islam and chop your heads off if you dissagree with their mantra?  Why are you not outraged with Clinton over supporting ISIS in 2011?  Does it not fit your left wing agenda?


It’s why I have become dissalusioned with the left.  Very few “left wingers” bother researching their facts and information anymore.  They just plunder any number of memes and tabloid articles off social media, often without reading or fact checking to berate anyone from the middle ground or right with any number of misinformed pieces.  It’s why #notmypresident is a farcical joke.  And, until you get out of your deluded perfect world vision that you see from behind your smartphone and keyboard to start actually living and experiencing life that you will see, no matter how grand your vision of a perfect world is, it won’t ever be that way until you stop buying Apple products, clothes and TV’s made in China, diamond rings mined by 6 year old African boys and girls, driving gas guzzling cars and mass produced foods rich in chemicles that you will begin to see a better world.

Until that time passes, stick your #notmypresident where the sun doesn’t shine!

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Born and raised in Sydney. Well travelled. I have a deep love for live theatre, music and the arts. Ohh, I may also have a deep love for Liverpool Football Club!

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