How To Get It Up, And Keep It Up!

With age comes a vast array of wisdom.  Or so you would like to think so anyway.  One piece of wisdom I acquired some years ago came from an old Englishmen I shared a flight with from Heathrow to Oslo.  The one thing you should try and focus on more than anything, he said, was to always focus on keeping a healthy lifestyle.  He must have been onto something because whilst he informed me that he was on the verge of hitting 70, he didn’t look a day over 50.  But the question is this.  How do you maintain a healthy lifestyle well into your twilight years?  As I hit 40 in a few months, I know there is still a long way to go in life but how on earth do I keep my mothers cation to train and stay reasonably healthy in check? Motivation is everyone so how do you “keep it up”?


My main source of motivation today comes from my local gym.  Snap Fitness at Spring Hill is just behind my place of work and next to my local grocery store.  In fact, it’s just a short twelve minute walk from home.  So there alone are three motivating factors.  What else I hear you ask?  Ok, let’s think about it.  Well, an added bonus of Snap Fitness in Spring Hill is that it is relatively wanker free.  Naturally, a few twats and bell ends slip under the radar however, and for the best part, everyone is down to earth and lovely.  Perhaps due to the fact this is an inner city establishment might be a factor though, with awesome staff who are friendly, approachable and understanding, you never feel like you are a burden for them to take on.


Jackie, the clubs manager runs a tight ship.  The positives of this good management are that you always have clean facilities and an open environment where people from all walks of life are accepted.  These are other motivating factors that keep me going back on a regular basis.  It’s a fun environment to spend your time working out.  Now, what about motivating oneself on a personal level?

Having refereed rugby league since 1994, I have continued to uphold a somewhat healthy regime for most of these 23 years.  Running marathons is also a good reason to stay motivated.  I’ve run seven so far and have three more pencilled in for 2017 to get me into double figures.  Running is not only therapeutic for the mind and soul, when you run in moderation, your body stays in great shape.  With that in mind,  I guess you could say there are already more than enough motivating elements to my personal life to stay fit and healthy?


When I work out at the gym though, I like to push my sets out in quick time.  No posing in the mirrors for this little fella.  Ten sets of straight thirties or ten sets of 12, 10 and 8 formations to get me to the thirty at a higher weight.  Sometimes, time permitting, I sneak in a few extra sets here and there but I find it highly motivating that I can be in and out more often than not in around 25 minutes.  Once you start taking upwards of an hour for your workout, you can lose motivation due to the time constraints.  So yet another motivating factor is being able to get in and out in quick time.  This sometimes affords the luxury of going twice a day which can give you even more motivation.


There you have it.  Plenty of reasons to get motivated for a gym workout.  You don’t have to be striving for the perfect body.  All you need to do is strive for personal satisfaction and that comes with the correct motivation techniques that you set in place.  Nobody is going to get you to your goals but you yourself so never be afraid to push the boundaries when working out.  Don’t think of being active as a chore.  Think of it as a way to extend your healthy lifestyle well into your twilight years just as that Englishmen on the plane did for me all those years ago.  Motivation is the key so get motivated today!

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Born and raised in Sydney. Well travelled. I have a deep love for live theatre, music and the arts. Ohh, I may also have a deep love for Liverpool Football Club!

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