Headphones worth their weight

Being one who likes to spend my money wisely, I was finally able to step out and pick up a pair of wireless headphones yesterday after work.  When these first appeared on the marker a few years ago, albeit way too expensive for my liking at over $600, I knew I would have to wait for the rush to die down before getting my own pair at a reasonable price.  And yesterday was indeed that day.  Normally priced at $300, I took advantage of a 20% discount with retailer, JB Hi Fi to acquire a pair of Sony MDRZX770BNB Wireless noise cancelling headphones for a tick under $239.  Much better than the over hyped Beats by Dre range which his garnered more and more critics with the passing of time.  Kudos to the Dr Dre empire for bilding up the flashy but toothless range of headphones.  However, as is always the case with musical gear, Sony is one of the go to brands.

image1 (9).JPG

So what is there to love about these new fan dangled noise producers?  Let’s take a closer look.

To start with, the biggest selling point for me was firstly, the wireless aspect.  Secondly, there is the noise cancelling effect, a massive bonus when you are a music obsessive who likes to get every ounce of aural pleasure from your music.  The 40 mm neodymium drivers deliver an amazing bass range coupled with extremely clear mid-high notes.  The first thing I noticed was the increased attention I was able to pay to instruments that I would normally miss out wearing regular buds.  It’s all in the detail and the details of the music I have listened too so far on these have been astounding.  Once more, without having paid out for the high end price range wireless headphones, I can’t really compare to the delivery in quality they do and/or don’t offer, however, if you are tight on money like myself then these Sony gems will prove to be more than adequate in every way.

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Another advantage is the built in microphone which allows you to enjoy phone calls and record voice conversations in high quality.  I’ve not been too far into this side of technology in the past though I think I might enjoy taking calls with these gems because I will be able to enjoy the benefits of the noise cancelling features.  Another huge win for me is that I can now go running without having to battle chords flapping about and buds constantly falling out of my ear lobes.  Over a short distance, it’s never been too much of a problem though when you are out on a 12 km plus road run, it makes all the difference when you don’t have to worry about those frustrating factors.

image1 (11).JPG

So what happens when these go flat?  Well, simply plug in a USB chord and away you go, as long as you have a laptop near by.  The battery life is said to be around 13 hours which is some 7 hours less than the more expensive models though it’s probably the only real hitch to worry about when you take into account all the other features on offer.

In summarizing, these Sony MDRZX770BNB Wireless noise cancelling headphones will allow me to enjoy my music collection at home, at the gym, out running and almost anywhere I travel in the world without sacrificing audio quality or being frustrated by tangled chords and leads.  No more listening to the rubbish rap music over the sound system at my gym, no more stopping mid run to fix the buds back into my ears and best of all, a more thorough listening experience all round.  If you are not interested in spending too much money on a wireless set then I can most certainly suggest you pick yourself up a pair of these Sony MDRZX770BNB Wireless noise cancelling headphones.  You won’t go far wrong.


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