The Bowie Concert Tape Files – Munich Olympiahalle 21 May 1983

The juggernaut that was the serious Moonlight Tour rolled on.  The concert tapers did too with an ever increasing number of tapers who wanted to capture the magic of the shows.  With a higher volume of tapers came variable quality copies of the same shows.  Munich is a prime example of just that.  For many years, my copy of the Munich show was scratchy at best.  Still, a copy is a copy so beggars can’t be choosers right?  Well, the copy of this show I received a couple of years ago is yet another of the sublime releases from the “inner circle” of tape traders that has surfaced.


The “inner circle” as they are known are a group of concert tape traders who, for many years shared the rare and high quality recordings from bootlegged shows amongst themselves.  I had the pleasure of meeting one such trader in Norway some 17 years ago now.  He played me snippets of things that left me speechless.  Soundboard recordings, high quality audience tapes and even showed me some mind blowing visual footage, most of which has thankfully now surfaced for the larger audience to share.


Back to this Munich show now.  This concert on May 21 1983 was the first of two shows in Munich and was the forth show of the tour following two nights in Brussels and a third night in Frankfurt.  The early shows of a tour are always edgy and full of dedicated performances by an artist not yet bored with the long haul of a repetitive tour set list.

The original recording source is an Aiwa recording Walkman using Sony ECM mica and it is one of the better recordings from the tour.  I suspect the taper responsible was a seasoned pro with high end equipment because to be honest, this recording isn’t that far off soundboard quality.  What’s great about the recording, is that is captures a good mix of the audience as well.  Sometimes these shows can end up with audience levels too high in the mix.


The Serious Moonlight tour is one of my more favoured Bowie tours and this excellent recording is a fabulous memento of a truly remarkable and sometimes forgotten era from Bowie’s past due to it being pigeonholed into the “Phil Collins” period where he began to “lose” his core fan base.  Just look at the set list below and tell me you wouldn’t enjoy this tour!


Announcement/The Jean Genie/Star/”Heroes”/What In The World/Golden Years/Fashion/Let’s Dance/Breaking Glass/Life On Mars?/Sorrow/Cat Peaople/China Girl/Scary Monsters/Rebel Rebel/White Light, White Heat/Station To Station/Cracked Actor/Ashes To Ashes/Space Oddity/Young Americans/Hang Onto Yourself/Fame/TVC 15/The Jean Genie/Modern Love


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