Life In Tokyo

A belated day 4….

My final blog entry for Tokyo is, you could say, a little late and disorganised, much like my flight home.  You see, I was checking through my emails at around 2 am on the Sunday morning when I was notified that my Jetstar flight home was canceled.  It was a requirement that I contact the customer service team immediately to organise an alternative route home.


The following hour or two was spent banging my head up against a brick wall with the Jetstar online help desk.  Initially, they were looking at getting me on a flight home in three days time.  Of course this was not good enough so I was then put on a waiting list to get myself onto a flight later on the Sunday evening to the Gold Coast via Cairns.  It would mean a four hour layover in Cairns and a 16 hour trip home but it was worth it so I was obliged to sit tight and wait.

With a heavy head from a lack of sleep and being on call for a flight home, it meant staying nearby my hotel in case the call came to get me home sooner.  Having this slight road block in place, I was forced to take in a fraction of the sights that were on my Sunday list of interesting areas to visit.


Off I went then to visit some more temple and graveyard sites.  Morbid I know yet, being in Japan, it meant some beautiful sights were in store once more.  I returned mainly to the original walking route I had taken on the Friday morning to see what I might have missed the first time around.  It worked a treat because I managed to stumble along some beautiful sights with minimal fuss and very few, if any tourists.


The main region of exploration was Tokyo, Tokyo.  It’s a small “suburb”, if you can call it that with plentiful supplies of shops, cafes and parklands.  As mentioned a few days ago, it is also the setting for Tokyo Tower.  Sadly, the observation deck was closed for maintenance upon this sunny and brisk Sunday morning.  Perhaps I should have gone on Friday when I had the chance?

Not long after lunch, I got a call to say I was confirmed for the 8 pm departure to the Gold Coast via Cairns.  The advice delivered also suggested I get to Nerita Airport early as they expected delays in the check in process due to other canceled flights and passenger changes.  My time in Tokyo was about to expire, for the time being anyway.


So there you have it.  Another travel adventure had come to a close yet, knowing myself as well as I do, there will be more trips planned throughout the remaining eleven months of 2017……

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Born and raised in Sydney. Well travelled. I have a deep love for live theatre, music and the arts. Ohh, I may also have a deep love for Liverpool Football Club!

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