Life In Tokyo

Day 2

Despite my grandest intentions, my body and mind didn’t allow me to leave my capsule before 10 am this morning.  The original plan of attack was to escape the hotel by 7 am to explore on foot.  Who the devil was I kidding?  Besides, who gets up that early on holidays?  Ok, ok, it’s normally me but within good reasons.  I promise guv!

The shower experience here was something else in its own right.  A large wash room where you sit on a very low seat and wash yourself with buckets of hot water.  Being the only foreigner in said wash room, I couldn’t help but notice none of the Japanese were erm, how do I say it?  Groomed down below.  A lot of hair down there gentleman.  I could carry on here but I won’t.  Why you ask?  Because I try my best not to offend people.  Sheesh, who am I kidding?

Well now, moving on.


My morning finally got underway with a gentle stroll down to visit Tokyo Tower.  In its day, I can only imagine the tower was a magnificent attraction however, with our constantly evolving world, Tokyo Tower reminded me of a distinctly old fashioned relic that would have turned heads in the 1960’s.  Standing around 330 meters tall, Tokyo Tower was first opened on December 23 1958.  You can still climb it for a small fee but there wasn’t much to see so I took a pass.


From here, I took a short walk to explore the Zojoji Temple and her surrounding gardens which, if I am being brutally honest was a sight of astute beauty with so much attention to details in and around its confines.  Zojoji Temple is a Buddhist outreach with a garden for unborn babies.  Parents can but a small statue and decorate it as they please.  There are literally hundreds upon hundreds scattered about.  A truly breathtaking sight to behold of which no amount of still photos can do justice.


Following my visit to the Zojoji Temple, I boarded the monorail for the Warehouse Terrada and a visit to the David Bowie Is…. Tokyo exhibition.  Having been to the London, Paris, Melbourne and Groningen editions, I was most excited to witness the subtle changes, of which there were a few. Before I managed to get inside the actual exhibition, I stopped by the store to pick up some of the coloured vinyl on sale.  Then it was inside the main hall where I would spend the next 6 hours wondering and exploring.


As is always the case, I was advised upon entry to not take any photos of the exhibition and, as always, I took as many as humanly possible.  Who are they kidding anyway?  At the previous four David Bowie Is….. visits, I had somehow always succeeded in getting plenty of great photos.  What’s more, despite being told around six times today to stop snapping away, I just kept on going. If you are yet to catch David Bowie Is…., then I suggest you do!  Next stop is Spain in May.


Something I have enjoyed about Tokyo is the consummate safety in and around the city.  The people are sublime!  So fresh, well behaved and kind.  I do wonder if they are too consumed by their obsession with gadgets to actually find the time to feel angry or aggrieved?  Either way, you will find no complaints from this little black duck.  Even the red light district is somewhat tame by other standards.


Tomorrow is another day and will be one of greater exploration that I won’t be inside an exhibition for 8 hours if you include the two hours I spent in the store at David Bowie Is…..

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