Life In Tokyo

Day 1 – Part 2

Now, rest assured, I have been to some bustling cities in my time though Tokyo, upon early glances has to be up there as one of the most avidly buzzing cities and I wasn’t even in one of the busy districts.  My base for the next few days is a capsule hotel in the Shimbashi district.


There are around 50 capsules in my room which would normally be a recipe for disaster.  The thing is, despite the number of occupants, there is very little noise because the Japanese people are incredibly respectful of others.  I’m the only foreigner in the entire room of 20 plus people. Your capsule also comes with a flatscreen tv, controlled air conditioning, ear plugs, bottles of water, USB chargers and an iPad to use if you want to surf the net and don’t have one handy.  All bases are covered.



The separate bathrooms come with everything you need as well.  Fresh towels, bathrobes, toothbrushes and past, soaps, shampoo and hair dryers.  They have a gym and spa upstairs as well as a small bar.  It’s impressive value for $60 a night.


The streets were bustling well past midnight with incredibly well dressed and stylish locals everywhere.  Everybody has a device in their hand and they seem more than capable of walking at pace whilst playing on their phone at the same time.  A definite eye opener along with the advertising that is littered on every available space!  If there is an open space on the side of a building, rest assured, there will be advertising there.


One of the sad elements came when I ventured into McDonalds to get a hot chocolate around midnight.


There were people littlered everywhere with laptops and iPads sitting next to them as they had their faces down to sleep.  It seems you have to work long and hard hours in this city to stay afloat.  Part of my curious side wanted to wake someone to ask them why they were sleeping in a McDonalds so late at night instead of being in the comfort of their own home.  I guess I just don’t understand why people would want to grind themselves into an early grave?  It’s an interesting cultural observation.

The night was moving along at a brisk pace so I thought it was best that I find my way back to my capsule hotel and get some kip under the belt in light of the busy few days ahead.  Another day with new adventures awaits me…..

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