Life In Tokyo

Day 1 – Part 1

So here I sit, yet again at an international departure gate waiting to leave Australian shores for yet another overseas adventure.  This time my destination is Tokyo, Japan.  And only four days at that.  I’ve not been to the land of the rising sun before so this will, indeed be a whole new adventure.  What’s more, I have done little to no research on my destination because I wanted to play it as I go to create the element of surprise.


The only two certainties are that I have are a bed arranged for three nights and a visit to the David Bowie Is….. exhibition at the warehouse Terrada.  There will, no doubt be lots of other adventures to be had and pleasures to immerse myself within.

Another pleasant element of the trip is that I am escaping the Australia Day long weekend.  For those unfamiliar with what I call “Invasion Day”, it’s a day when millions of Australian’s dance on the graves of our indigenous ancestors who were slaughtered, raped and pillaged on January 26 1788 after the British decided to walk in and take what most definitely wasn’t theirs.


I digress.

Many years ago, I discovered a band from England that went by the name of Japan and were fronted by the ever so charismatic David Sylvian.  You could never really pigeon hole Japan as they were a band completely unique in sound and appearances.  One of their most illustrious numbers was a song called “Life In Tokyo”, first released in 1979 and twice more before becoming a U.K. chart hit in October 1982 where it peaked at number 28.

So there you go, a song that always carved my desire to visit Tokyo is now a reality some 23 years after I first heard the rythmatic beats.  Either way, this will be a wonderful adventure as is the case every time I leave for foreign soil.

The airport here at the Gold Coast has delivered very little in the way of breakfast options so it looks like I might have to try my luck and buy one of those dodgy budget airline meals  on board my Jetstar flight this morning.  It’s the only hiccup when travelling with the cheap airlines.  Not that the big budget carriers offer much more in the way of quality meals.

Anyway, enough of my first world problems.  I am eternally grateful I can travel at all.  Happy “Invasion Day” to my friends down under.  This is one time when I shall be happy to leave the country.

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Born and raised in Sydney. Well travelled. I have a deep love for live theatre, music and the arts. Ohh, I may also have a deep love for Liverpool Football Club!

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