The Bowie Concert Tape Files: Düsseldorf – April 8 1976

With 64 show across America and Europe, the “Isolar Tour” of 1976 has gone down as Bowie’s most proficient and energetic series of live shows.  It all began on February 2 before concluding on the 18th of May.  Sandwiched somewhere in the middle of this tour, on April 8th to be precise sits the Düsseldorf concert.


Originally uploaded to The Mindwarp Pavilion on February 1 2014, this recording is a little edgy and sharp.  There are a few small cuts, but otherwise this recording is a belter for its time.

The linage of this recording as far as I know, stems from a TDK D90 first generation recording and the total recording time comes in at just under the 90 minute mark.


You get the impression at the beginning of TVC 15 where Bowie introduces the song as being about a “romance to love song between a girl and her television set. It’s called TVC 15” that the audience have no idea what hell he is on about.  It’s a defining moment of the show and worth it if only for the reaction of the giggling girls near the concert bootlegger. The middle of Diamond Dogs is also slightly extended which is nice to boot.

There are slightly better quality recordings from this 1976 tour in existence though the Düsseldorf show is diamond in the rough.  The sound quality is 7/10 and I would be more than happy to send a copy your way should you desire.


Introduction/Station To Station/Suffragette City/Fame/Word On A Wing/Stay/Waiting For The Man/Queen Bitch/Life On Mars?/Five Years/Panic In Detroit/Band Introduction/Changes/TVC 15/Diamond Dogs/Rebel Rebel/The Jean Genie

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