The Founder: A Review

To be honest, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I took my seat in cinema 4 of Palace Centro.  Firstly, I’m the first to admit that I am a fan of Michael Keaton’s recent resurgence in Hollywood.  The man has gathered a second wind which is great to see however, the topical substance of The Founder is what I really came for.

Let’s set the picture of McDonalds.  We all know it is a worldwide brand synonymous with our modern society but where did it all start?  May 15 1940 is the day Richard and Maurice McDonald began trading after a failed attempt at running a cinema.  The first McDonald’s was set up in San Bernardino, California by the brothers and, following some strategical adjustments, they pioneered the first fast food restaurant in the early 1950’s.  Then, in 1954, a salesmen who would change the course of food as we know it would step in.

Ray Kroc was a door to door salesman who was struggling to keep afloat when he received an order for 8 mixers in the summer of 1954.  From this moment on, you are given a loud and clear picture of the damage capitalism has done to our society.  I wasn’t expecting to feel so many emotions during the screening but I left feeling a little sad, deflated and angry at this greed driven world we are now living in.

What The Founder does is simple.  It paints a landscape of how one selfish human being motivated solely by greed can derail the dreams of good people off the back of lies, deceit and betrayal.  Keaton’s portrayal of Kroc is spot on.  He delivers the role in a truly sinister manner that will fire your mind.  The support cast is fantastic as well with John Carrol Lynch and Nick Offerman providing a touching and highly emotional portrayal of brothers Mac.

My advice to you after seeing The Founder is simply to stop entering McDonald’s to eat their food on a moral and principaled basis alone.  The “corporation” that has over 36,000 restaurants if you can call them that in over 100 countries around the world is a place you will want to boycott after seeing The Founder.  Coming away from this film only confirms how badly wrong our society has got it.

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