How David Bowie Shaped My Life

Had he been around today, David Bowie would have reached the grand old age of 70!  A pretty mean feat by any standards.  Sadly, he didn’t quite make the landmark but that hasn’t stopped fans and musicians the world over from remembering his charismatic style that shaped and defined multiple generations.


I was one of those people he shaped all the back in December 1993.  My first viewing was through an all night Rage special in mid December.  I loved his constant evolution.  I wanted to be him.  From that moment on, I rapidly learnt how to define myself in a unique way that always gave me the opportunity to give a two fingered salute to the closed in society I resided within.  In doing so, I opened new doors of perception and began to immerse myself deep with a subculture that gave us all the freedom to do as we pleased and act out of our comfort zone.


Sometimes it all feels like a distant memory whilst other moments remind me of how recent it all actually was.  After all, twenty odd years is nothing in the grand scheme of things.  Still, dressing to Bowie inspired themes and styles made sure I was never bored.  That’s exactly why he was so popular with the misfits of society.  He gave us all a chance to be expressive and live life the way we wanted to.


Just think back to 1972 and imagine how bold it was for Bowie to step out from the shadows and into the spotlight with Ziggy Stardust?  There really was nothing quite like it before or since.  In attendance at these Ziggy Stardust shows were Madonna, Prince, Michael Jackson, members of The Sex Pistols, Gary Numan, Nick Rhodes, Ian McCollough and Siouxsie Sioux.  You can kind of imagine how Ziggy inspired all these magnificent artists in the years to come.  Bowie’s vision and boldness opened so many doors to the future and over the proceeding decades, he gave many of us the courage to also step out from the shadows and become creative beings.


I’ve always loved dressing up and trying new ideas as have many of my friends.  Despite being older and a little fatter these days, it is great to look back over my shoulder with a gleaming smile as I remember days gone by when it was exciting and adventurous to just be yourself, no matter how that came to be.  Through Bowie’s influence, you could be any number of people your heart desired.

Thank you Starman and happy birthday wherever you may be in the afterlife……

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Born and raised in Sydney. Well travelled. I have a deep love for live theatre, music and the arts. Ohh, I may also have a deep love for Liverpool Football Club!

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