Can owning less give you more?

Only just the other day, I was in town submitting the banking for work when I decided to pass by a small discounted book retailer.  Of course the urge to look for a bit of light reading got the better of me so, following a quick flick around the sale table, I picked up a copy of Harry Rednapp’s “A Man Walks Onto A Pitch”.  It’s a series of anecdotes from his time in football which should make for a good read.  What’s more, it only set me back $8 which is a much better proposition than spending $37 as I would been required to do so a few months ago when I first saw it.

As I left the book retailer, I noticed hordes of Christmas shoppers lugging bags upon bags of shopping around with them.  It suddenly dawned on me that in just over a week, millions of people in Australia will be waking up to a house that will have even more unesseccary possessions to try a fit into nooks and crannies once the initial excitement fades from receiving that new “possession”.

As I grow older, the more I realise that less is by far best.  We are so accustomed to filling our lives with “stuff” from a young age.  We always seem to be keeping up with the Jones’s and handing over our hard earned to live up to society’s expectations placed upon us.

I guess my life changed around 6 years ago when I stopped watching television.  I no longer felt the urge to be acquiring a new this and a new that.  I was instead, focussing on building experiences in life.  I became a much happier person because I began to slowly reduce my possessions.  You know, getting rid of clothes I never wore, selling off records and other such items that just took up space.

Instead of spending your hard earned on unesseccary gifts this coming week, why not put that money towards experiences like travel plans, a day out with your family or book in for those language lessons you have always pondered.  Or even head out for an evening a buy coffee and food for homeless people doing it tough on the streets. After all, the less stuff you have around you this Christmas, the better off you will be.

Remember one thing,  you can’t  take that expensive car or watch to your grave however, you can take a lifetime of memories with you……

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Born and raised in Sydney. Well travelled. I have a deep love for live theatre, music and the arts. Ohh, I may also have a deep love for Liverpool Football Club!

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