Books, bargains and a boss day out!

It all started the night before actually.  So, before I begin disecting Thursday, you need to hear a little bit about the night before.  Are you sitting comfortably?

By no means am I a wine conesour.  In fact, I’ve hardly ever laid my paws on a glass of red.  You see, for reasons unknown, red wine never really appealed to me.  So when my English parents, Pearl and Denis invited me to a wine tasting evening with the neighbours, I simply had to go.  I’d never actually been to such an evening before so I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect?

Over the course of three hours, we tried a variety of Australian and South American drops.  I learnt a great deal on “legs”, “length”, production and the history of wine.  It truly was a most enjoyable evening in so many ways.

The following morning, I set about finding my way to Liverpool from Huddersfield.  A direct train was going to cost almost £30 which was a tad steep so I found a much cheaper option which would only tack an extra thirty minutes onto the journey.  A train to Manchester followed by a coach to Merseyside worked out at half the price. Winning!


Something I enjoyed seeing at Huddersfield train station was a bookshelf lined with novels in the waiting area.  A fantastic idea as well as being a wonderful way to kill time when ones train is delayed.  And let’S face it folks.  The British rail network is not one to be trusted.


Once checked in at Hatter’s Hostel in Liverpool, I made my way to Andield for a stadium tour and glance over the new Steve Gerrard collection on show. The new Main Stand was quite an impressive space to behold.  No stone was left untold and there are elements of old and new that have been intergrared quite well.  The executive suit has not left anything to chance either.  A two season pass is £50,000 so as you can imagine, one for the wealthy brigade.  I’ll stick to the Kop and Anny Road ends for my football pleasure thank you very much!


I made my way over the Mersey river to Heswell next to pick up my England match tickets and meet Mr Lucas, the young lad who came into Matt and Lynsey’s life almost two years ago.  And I must say, he melted my heart!  Such a beautiful little chap with the coolest hair and big dark eyes.  He can already find his way around an iPad!


I arrived back at my hostel in time for a late night cup of tea and some much needed kip.  It must be said too that Hatter’S Hostel was amazing value for money. £11 for the night and I was upgraded to a four bed dorm.  Oh, a free breakfast as well which is akin to cream on top.  Even Jesus looks over overtime in the breakfast hall!


Should you ever stop over in Liverpool and be needing a cheap dig for the night then Hatter’s should be your Hostel of choice bar none!

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Born and raised in Sydney. Well travelled. I have a deep love for live theatre, music and the arts. Ohh, I may also have a deep love for Liverpool Football Club!

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