20 Hours. 1 Match

For once, I didn’t require my alarm to wake me up.  My eyes were wide open by 3:13 am which gave me plenty of time to get myself into action and be at the bus stop for 4:30 am sharp.  From there it was a 25 minute bus ride to Victoria tube to get to Kings Cross for an airport express to Stansted for my 8:40 am flight.

Arriving early for flights is a habit of mine.  Particularly when I am jetting off to Glasgow to watch Celtic host Inverness.  Better still, I would have a few hours to enjoy the sights of Glasgow as a city.  And what a beautiful place it is.  You can reach the city centre by bus in around 15 minutes and an open return is only £10.  Winning!


Once in the city itself there is a plethora of things to see that tickle almost everyone fancy.  Sadly, I was unable to get around to any art galleries or museums.  Next time Gadget!  Next time.

I did however have time to stop by the Celtic club shop in the city centre and grab myself a mug, scarf and this seasons away kit complete with Tom Rogic’s name on the back.  It’s not a big shop however, they do stock a lot of quality products and some fantastic literature on the club.


Celtic Park is a brisk 45 minute walk from the city centre.  It’s a beautiful stadium which encapsulates a rich history inside and out.  You are very much reminded of where the club came from through humble beginnings in 1888 through to the modern dynasty that sweeps all before them on the domestic front.  Sadly, Celtic have been unable to repeat their magic of 1967 when they defeated Inter Milan to win their first,  and to this day, only European Cup.


There is more than enough pubs along the way as you head to the ground selling cheap ale and providing more of an old fashioned football feel.  You know the ones right?  A little worn down and tattered.  The same barman who has been serving for 25 years and knows everyone’s alcoholic tinkers.  Those are the pubs you want to enjoy on a match day.


Australian midfielder, Tom Rodic came on as a replacement to cap off a 3-0 win with an 83rd minute goal which was good to see.


By the end of the match I was thinking of only one thing. Bed!  To get there however, I had to get my 8:50 pm flight back to London Stansted and repeat the morning process in reverse.  So, by the time I arrived inside my hotel room for a much desired hot shower, I had spent just on twenty hours in transit.  I guess it’s what you do when you love doing the things you do.


Thank you Glasgow.  Once more, you have proven on many levels why you are one of the best cities in the world…..

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Born and raised in Sydney. Well travelled. I have a deep love for live theatre, music and the arts. Ohh, I may also have a deep love for Liverpool Football Club!

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