39 People, Places & Things….

NUMBER 38: Australia’s Most Enjoyable City!

Who’s been to Melbourne?  If you are yet to embrace the treasures of Australia’s most exciting city then what are you waiting for?  No, seriously.  Book some flights and a hotel and get to Melbourne!

Way back in the year 2000, I enamored myself with Victoria’s capitol for the first time and I have been back each and every year since.  There truly is never a dull moment.  Cafe culture, art galleries, museum’s, sporting events, beaches, parks and live theater.  There is something for everyone!  The city is also rich in diverse culture and people.  Unless you venture out into the suburbs, you won’t find much at all to dislike about the place.  The National Gallery is always a personal favorite and has hosted some immense collections in the past ten years alone.


The city was founded in 1935 which saw a gold rush in 1851 that led people from all over the world to arrive on the city’s doorstep in search of new treasures.  These days, it is considered the sporting capitol of Australia with the crowning glories including the AFL Grand Final and the Boxing Day test match, both held within the confines of the magnificent Melbourne Cricket Ground, better known as “The G”.  There is also the Australian Open tennis each and every January as well as a fantastic summer of football with Melbourne Victory and Melbourne City hosting teams from around the country.


More than anything though, the food in Melbourne is by far the best in Australia.  Be it funky cafes on St Kilda Beach or the vast selection of quality food along Lygon Street and everything in between, you will never be disappointed by the options available to you.

So what the devil are you waiting for?  Jump online, book some flights and accommodation then enjoy everything Melbourne has to offer!


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Born and raised in Sydney. Well travelled. I have a deep love for live theatre, music and the arts. Ohh, I may also have a deep love for Liverpool Football Club!

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