39 People, Places & Things…..

NUMBER 36: A sight of stunning beauty!

There is something majestically delicious about watching FC Barcelona play the beautiful game.  Even more so when you are able to do it from within the confines Camp Nou.  It’s a stadium, built in 1957 and capable of holding nigh on 100,000 people.  You are unable to fully appreciate the beauty of this landmark until you have ventured in for a match.


In 2013 I was on a small mini break in Barcelona (I seem to have a lot of these) and whilst I knew they were playing Bayern Munich in the semi final of the Champions League, I didn’t really expect to lay my hands on a ticket to the match.  My sole aim was to explore the wonders that city had to offer and hang out with German and Spanish football supporters, drink beer and party.  This of course, I managed to do.  What I never imagined was that two days before the game some tickets would become available for the match.  So, as you do, you take advantage of this offering and get yerself a match ticket.  Away I went!


The day before the big match, I took myself on the metro for a test run to enjoy a stadium tour and explore the surrounds so I would feel a little more at home the following evening at the game.  The stadium tour is how do I say it? Fucking immense?  Yep, there you go.  Every corner and turn provides you with a snap shot of the past, the present and the future.  The structure in which FC Barcelona is run from the academy to the admin and all the way to the players and coaching staff at the highest level.  It’s all there. Class.


The evening before I found a tasty little pub that sold pilchers of beer for 10 Euro’s.  Bargain.  Cheap food too.  It was full of Madrid supporters watching their team in the other semi final which made for some class entertainment.  The Spanish know how to party that is for sure.  On the morning of the match, I came to learn that two young Munich fans were staying in my dorm room so we hit the bars and drank for a while before heading onto the Metro so we could get into Camp Nou early and appreciate the sheer beauty of one of the worlds most formidable football stadiums.

Drinking buddies for a day!

Sadly, FC Barcelona were demolished by a Munich side that looked unstoppable.  Messi was out injured as well so I guess I will just need to head back again one day very soon to watch the world’s most attractive football side again.  The perils of being a regular traveler yes?


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