39 People, Places & Things….

NUMBER 35: When in Bruges

A few years ago, I watched a delightful comedy that went by the name of “In Bruges”.  It’s a fantastic independent flick that starred Colin Farrell and Brendan Glesson, two of my preferred actors.  After seeing this movie I knew Bruges was one of those cities that I needed to visit and explore.

With that in mind, I flew into Brussels back in 2013 for a few days with the intention of dedicating a day of that side trip to the city of Bruges.  Now, for those of you have not yet been there, Bruges is best described as a city that ceased to operate in the 1800’s and only woke up again 25 years ago.  Sure there are the generic corporate chain stores and the like yet thankfully, it is yet to detract from the overall beauty of Bruges.


The day I arrived on the train, I commenced the short walk to the city center not really holding any great expectations on what to expect.  Just as I arrived in the city, I stumbled over and old art gallery that was showing the early works of Pablo Picasso.  No major pieces.  Just rough sketches and half finished sculptures.  I kind of got lost for around 3 hours as I immersed myself into the pleasures of some seriously strange objects and scribbles.  It was like stepping into Picasso’s mind during the early thought process of his work.  Beautiful and intriguing.


After leaving that exhibition, I made my way into the heart of the city.  It was here that I discovered another exhibition that was full of Dali’s best and most loved works!  Words cannot describe how thrilled I was to stumble over this hall of treasures.  It took me years before I realized that I will never truly understand Dali and his work.  I don’t think anybody ever will.


So, essentially, I had been “In Bruges” for 6 hours and only been to two exhibitions.  It was time to press and explore the other hidden treasures that waited me.  And treasures they indeed were!  Every corner turned up a new sight to behold.  A new lane way of small shops, cafes and beautiful houses.  I felt very much like I had stepped back in time.

Bruges is easy enough to get to from most hubs in Europe.  You can fly out of London for small change with one of the budget airlines into Brussels, spend a few days there then take a day out with a 60 minute train ride to Bruges.  It’s a journey you will won’t forget in a hurry.


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