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Our birthday is something that arrives only once every year.  Many people embrace the day and watch it sail by rather quickly.  Perhaps too quickly for ones liking.  I have a theaory that I act on every few years when the moment takes me and that is to not just celebrate on the day, but to make it a one or two week event of sorts.  This year, I decided to spread the party out over two weeks so essentially, whilst the actual birthday was yesterday, I still have a couple of days to go before it winds up.  I’ll explain in more detail below.

Proceedings started just over a week ago on July 18 with a tattoo followed by a movie with my flatmate, Nik.  The following day at work, I decided to have sushi for lunch as a bit of a luxury.  Then, on the Wednesday, I brought a shed load of junk food into work to share with the girls in the office.  We feasted, quite heavily may I add on all sorts of goodies and as is the norm, most were giving me abuse (the good kind) as I was apparently making everyone fat!  But hey, you are a long time dead so what’s the harm in some naughty food indulgences every now and then?

Fast forward to early Saturday morning and I am on a plane to Sydney for three days.  First up is checking into my hostel for the night.  Once sorted, I make my way into town to buy a nice belt (a brown one none the less J-Moz!) and then, after a feed, it’s a lovely walk in the sun to the Sydney Cricket Ground to watch the Swans defeat a gallant Carlton by a slender 6 points.  Feeling tired, I retire to my hostel room where I meet a young Danish man and later on, a father and son from Scandinavia.  The father/son team are travelling the world together.  They recite some wonderful travel stories to me before they head out to hit the lash and I fall asleep.

image2 (3)

Sunday morning is a little lazy.  I check out of the hostel and move onto the hotel up the road where I can spend the next couple of night.  Why was I in a hostel on the Saturday you ask?  Two words.  Sydney and Saturday night rates.  Well, that was five words but you get the drift of the costing of a big city on a Saturday night.

Later in the morning, I board a train to Cronulla where the clouds break up and clear off to leave the sunshine and warm weather.  I spend some time wondering about Cronulla before heading off to take my place on the hill and watch Cronulla-Sutherland belt Newcastle in the rugby league.  They were rather impressive these Sharks.  Premiership contenders methinks.  After full time, I once more head back to the city where more food and my hotel await.  I settle in for the night with my laptop to watch a film.  It’s Oliver Stone’s “JFK”.  A three hour film at that.  I don’t make it to the end so I watch the rest when I wake up the following morning in the comfort of a quiet hotel bed.

image1 (6)

Monday is the most delicious yet.  I head out to sift through some old vinyl in record stores, treat myself to a new book in Dymocks (as if I don’t already have enough books?) and then retreat for a nanny nap then head off to meet Steve who will be heading to watch The Cure in concert with me.  Steve is a most delightful man who would do anything for just about anybody.  I told him in no uncertain terms that I will come back down to visit him in Manly and we have have some adventures.  He’s the sort of guy who makes everyone around him happy.  A kind spirit.

image1 (7)


We catch up in a tapas bar then realize we are a little late to meet Steve’s friends who are all the most lovely people.  I’m excited by the journey out to the venue on the train.  The conversation is intriguing and everyone is smiling and laughing.  Once at the venue we have to go our separate ways to get food, drinks and take our seats for the show.  I’m in the standing area and cheeky as I am, I smuggle my mini-disc recorder into the venue to capture the concert.  It’s a mind blowing show and The Cure play for no less than three full hours complete with not one or two, but four encores!  It’s the first time I have seen them live and they have blown me away!


On the train ride home Facebook tells me that tickets for Lazarus have just gone on sale for London later this year.  Abruptly, I jump online and buy tickets for three performances in late November.  It means yet another trip to England and but hey, a man has to do what a man has to do right?  And this is Bowie related for those of you unaware of what Lazarus is all about.

The next morning I am up at 3:30 am to catch the first flight back to Brisbane and head straight into work.  Mind, I didn’t get back from the concert until 1 am!  Ouch!  The things we do yeah?

Finally, after zero sleep on the plane, I make it into work and am greeted by lots of birthday wishes and even a delicious tray of cakes which came as a massive and thoughtful surprise by my boss!  It made a long and tricky day very much the better for it.

So where are we?  Oh yeah, that’s right.  Just over a week into my birthday celebrations and there is still a couple of days left in Melbourne for another Cure concert and then a football match between Athletico Madrid and Spurs at the famous MCG after visiting the National Gallery for a Degas exhibition!  It’s well worth it these extended birthday celebrations.  Thankfully, I have understanding bosses at work who are kind enough to allow me to take bits of time off here and there.  It’s makes me love my job and life a little more.  Anyway, time to toddle off and think about Melbourne where I can finish up a massive two weeks in party mode!









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Born and raised in Sydney. Well travelled. I have a deep love for live theatre, music and the arts. Ohh, I may also have a deep love for Liverpool Football Club!

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