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I’d genuinely be lost without my music collection.  It has been a constantly growing part of my life for well over twenty years now.  People often ask me if I have listened to it all.  That being over 3,500 CDs and ten crates of vinyl and my answer is always yes.  At some stage, I have listened to every item that I own.  It’s a bit of an eclectic round up of music and as I grow older my taste broadens and opens up to new genres and artist.  There are some things I listen to now that say, fifteen years ago, I would not have touched with a barge pole.  Then again, there is some stuff in the trove that many moons ago I adored but now days find just too difficult to listen to.  I guess that comes back to the changing taste thing right?

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Well, it all really started to kick off in my early twenties with a regular income from work and plenty of spare time to sift over the racks in record stores.  Sometimes, my Saturday would go like this.  Head into the city early in the morning to grab some breakfast at a cafe.  After that, normally around 9 am, I would head to the more coveted stores like Skinny’s, Rocking Horse and Kent Records.  Hold on, was it Kent Records on the corner of Elizabeth and Edward Street’s in Brisbane City?  Ahh, I digress.

So anyway, I’d head off to Galaxy Records and The Record Exchange before moving on to Latrobe Terrace via a short bus journey to Paddington for Rockaway Records.  This place was always a little more pricey but goodness me, did they always seem to end up with some spiffy stock coming in and out!

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Over the past few years I have indeed sold off some of the vinyl.  Simply because I have owned the albums on CD and needed to reduce the supply a little as I move around constantly so the vinyl, if I am being honest can become a rather heavy hindrance.  I can see in the coming years more will probably be offloaded as I become more of a free range type of traveler.  After all, you can’t keep lugging your possessions around every time you move.

Music has enriched my life beyond my wildest dreams.  It’s certainly one of the most important aspects of my life to date.  And for this reason alone, it’s one of the important 39 elements of my life so far.  I still get a buzz from entering record stores around the world when I travel.  It’s always nice to see what is on offer.  Even just this year, I stumbled over a record store in Malmo where they had something like 40 Bowie vinyl bootlegs for sale.  I didn’t buy any despite not actually owning most of them but it made for a delicious afternoon sifting over the artwork and smelling the actual vinyl.

Hearing that needle hit the vinyl is one of the greatest sounds a music lover could wish to hear.  You never tire of the sound and warmth that emanates from records.  In fact, I feel like taking a stroll into a record store.

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Born and raised in Sydney. Well travelled. I have a deep love for live theatre, music and the arts. Ohh, I may also have a deep love for Liverpool Football Club!

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