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Well, it was always going to make the list because weather I like it or not, television has played a major and somewhat significant role in my first 39 years of living.  As a small child I remember children’s programs like Sesame Street and Play School though it was in my formative years of development that I discovered more outrageous entertainment.  Think Dr Who, Monkey Magic, The Cities of Lost Gold, Knight Rider, Great Mysteries of The World (remember Spock hosting?) and an abundance of news and current affairs.

My parents had a massive chunk of a television set when we were kids.  Not a patch on today’s plasma screens!  Or are they?

The thing is you see, television has a way of controlling us and the people behind its driving force know exactly how to manipulate it control out thought process.  They know how to make us happy, sad, angry, distressed and perhaps every other emotion known to man kind.  And this is exactly why, a few years ago, I had to get rid of my television set and move on in life without one.  Sure I still watch programs and movies.  But under my control and advertisement free from the comfort of my laptop in most instances.

I’ve learnt so much from years of watching television but in recent years, I’ve felt let down by the industry thanks to far too many karaoke singing shows, reality programs and tabloid current affairs shows that spin lies and deceit as a way of making people hate one another.  It’s far easier now for me to enjoy a run in the open air or perhaps head to the park and sit under a tree to read my latest novel or biography.  Hell, even listening to some tasty music seems a more attractive offer than getting carried away with Game of Thrones!

I’ve got to say that recently, I began to watch old re-runs of “The Goodies”, a show, if you can call it that about three miss-fit Brits trying to rescue the world.  Is it old age speaking or do they simply not know how to make quality viewing like this anymore?  Hmm, and can I start on The Kenny Everett Video Show?

So love it or loath it, television has and will continue to impact our lives in many different ways.  It all depends on how much of it you let into your life.  Just don’t ask me to watch Housewives of New York any times soon.  I think I’d rather be hit by a cement truck than be put through any of that tosh.

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Born and raised in Sydney. Well travelled. I have a deep love for live theatre, music and the arts. Ohh, I may also have a deep love for Liverpool Football Club!

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