The Day I got to meet Bowie!

I was cleaning out some old email account folders recently and I came along this one from August 2002.

It was the day I had the pleasure of holding a brief conversation with David Bowie.  It was also the first time I had seen him in the flesh.  Where have the past 14 years gone?  An amazing experience none the less and something I will always be grateful for.  So here it is, the direct extract from my email back home to friends a few hours after the taping of the Jay Leno Show on August 12 2002……….

This U.S trip gets better ALL the time… is what happened to me today
at The Jay Leno show here in Burbank……..

……………………………That’s right folks! I just had a
conversation with BOWIE today at the taping of The Jay Leno show!

I lined up for tickets at around 6.30 am only to miss out by about a dozen
places. Thinking i would not get a seat i came back with my reserve ticket
at 3.02 pm to see if i could get in somehow. I was lucky to meet Wakana, a
fan who had traveled from Japan to see these shows. We bonded straight

With a stroke of luck, Simone from B.Net got me a spare ticket and i was the
last of the regular line to be allowed in. Oh, with my camera hidden well

So after sitting through Jay Leno and his guests for about an hour we
were led out (well, i ran) out to the back studio where Bowie would
perform Cactus with Moby.

So here I am right up the front about to witness my FIRST EVER live Bowie

On comes Bowie and wham, bam, thank you mam, he begins to belt out Cactus!
This IS heaven! He’s only about 3 meters away from me and looking sooooo
good! After Cactus during a break i yelled out……

“When are you coming to Australia?”

Bowie looks at me (only 3 meters away) and says..

….”What?” (with a cheesy grin)

ME – When are you coming to Australia? It’s been 15 years!

BOWIE – “Oh really? has it been that long? What year?” ( bemused look )

ME – “1987! I was a baby when you last toured! ( Well, i was actually 10 ;p
) When are you going to come back? I’ve also traveled 10,000 miles to see

BOWIE – “A baby? ……Well, so was i ;p I’m not that old man.” (Said with
the cutest cheeky grin)

ME – “You’re still selling records. We’d love to have you. Please come out.”

BOWIE – “Well i’ll bring my Mambo’s shall I? Better still you come to my
place on Manhattan beach. You’ll love it.”

ME – “OK, when?’

BOWIE – “Oh, you won’t want to, i’ll come to yours.” (A wry grin once more)

ME – “Please do. We love you David!”

BOWIE – “Well so do I”

Bowie then had to get ready for the second song, Everyone Says Hi!. A
brilliant version too!

This was such a wondrous feeling to be so close to Bowie on my first
experience. You don’t realize just how GOOD he is until you see him up
close in the flesh. He is the perfect performer.

I have a whole role of film with CLOSE UP shots to develop when i get back
to Australia next week! I’ll post them very soon 🙂

I’m still reeling from this excitement so please bare with me 😉

And with Area 2 tomorrow, it’s only gonna get better! This American holiday
is worth everything i have ever wished for. 🙂

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Born and raised in Sydney. Well travelled. I have a deep love for live theatre, music and the arts. Ohh, I may also have a deep love for Liverpool Football Club!

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