Walking is actually faster than driving!

On Wednesday morning this week, I thought I would take the luxury of getting a bus to work.  You see, I live in West End which is a stones throw from the CBD and only around 25 minutes in walking.  Add another 10 minutes onto this and presto, you are at my place of work.

It’s a nice 4 km stroll along the Brisbane river in parts and not to mention, a walk home in the evening gives me 8 km’s of walking in a day which is great for the body.

On the other hand there are the buses and trains.  It’s $3.45 each way on the bus so I try not to catch it that often on principle alone due to the fact Brisbane has the highest public transport fares not only in Australia, but almost the worst in the world!  So I vote with my feet on public transport prices where I can.  I also don’t drive so walking is one of the only options I have to get around when I vote with my feet.  Literally!

The congestion in and around the CBD of Brisbane is madness during the week.  It seems everybody drives a car so the roads are often chock full of motorists, many of them in need of exercise as they seem to be overweight or obese when I walk past a lot of these drivers, stuck at traffic lights.

My bus trip to work on Wednesday reminded me of why I prefer to walk to work when I can.  From door to door, it was 48 minutes.  Not the longest bus ride to work this year though around the average mark.  That’s 13 minutes longer than if I was to walk and at a cost of $3.45!


Ideally, i’d love to see to see Brisbane become a car free zone in the CBD area.  It’s possible.  Highly possible yet the lazy and apathetic culture we live in here in Australia will never allow this to happen because the people are just too selfish and self centered. We are in the age of entitlement.

For now though, I am more than happy to keep walking where I can.  One less car on the road is better than one more on the road.

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Born and raised in Sydney. Well travelled. I have a deep love for live theatre, music and the arts. Ohh, I may also have a deep love for Liverpool Football Club!

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